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Published: Tuesday 5th of June 2007 12:50:50 AM


Alon Eshel
Beautiful shot , I love the Gothic look and sensual expression

Sarah Kane
Intense... I love this photo John... The eyes, the pose, the whole mood works beautifully. The subtle nudity, and the intense gaze at the viewer make this shot one of the most provocative I've seen in a while. Stunningly dark, ;) ~S~

N Alwin
Very dramatic. Her expression really draws you into the shot. Well done.

Thomas Collins
Here is a real beauty John. When I visit Paris, I must have the opportunity to meet this exceptional model! Thomas

A.K. Sircar
Very good composition,exposure,light and tone,John.

Allan Kirby
Ahhhh Paris It has been 31 years since was last in Paris and I will be visiting in July. I sure hope to see such lovely jeune filles when I see Paris. Once again, such beautiful lighting John.

Costas Ellos
Perfect lighting and another veeeeeery alive picture !!

Alberto Quintal
Very good, colors, pose, lighting and model are perfect, John. Alberto

Michael Meneklis
Very good expression and pose of a beautiful girl in a very good exposure. Bravo John.

Steffen Drache
Very fine and her expression is great.

Alec Ee
She's a real stunner John. Nice skin tones.

Marc G.
I think this picture is one of the strongest in the folder - haven't seen all yet tho...:-) What strikes me as really great: 1) The glass not straight 2) Her hair falling on one eye (and not on the other one) 3) That black dress stopping exactly on her nipple's edge. 4) The combination of 1 + 2 + 3 above, which tells me "somebody living on the edge - sharp sensuality, which is very much what I read in her fantastic expression as well. Because of all the above, I think it is already quite an original glamour shot, and aesthetically good as well. Now here are a couple of small things which don't bother me much, but a bit nevertheless: 1) Left side vs. right side : the white door frame etc look beautiful and expensive - which matches her very "chic" look. On the right, the curtain looks a little messy and its color somehow takes away a bit of the supremacy the lipstick would have in an all-white/black picture. So I'd have prefered white wood at right too - just like on the left or such. 2) I'd straighten the perspective - just a very mild adjustment worth doing imo. 3) I'd brighten her face and hair selectively by about half an f-stop. 4) A tad more detail in the black dress would be a little plus too, I think. Finally, a vertical or squared composition were possible too - no better no worse, just alternatives. End of the day, I feel that all the small details above, if adjusted, would yield a true top photo. Worth a try...? I know you like natural stuff, but... well... these were my suggestions... Cheers.

John Peri
Mystery Lady .. with Champagne glass ...

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