Zt 233

by Peri John

zt johnperi abstract portrait artistic nudes photogra peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 30th of May 2007 05:07:29 PM


pepe alias boulette
ounly litle...?! ;-)

John Peri
Thanks Jonathan, I agree .. I have an awful feeling that I did that in post processing ... :-)

Michael Meneklis
Very good pose and exposure with excellent tones on her face. I am not so sure about the greenish body. Friendly Michael.

Alon Eshel
This is so beautiful , Espesially I love the work you did on the sofa

Alberto Quintal
John EXCELLENT!!! Alberto

Jim Phelps
John, The color is exceptionally good. The green creaes an abstract feel.

Alec Ee
Love the metallic effect. A ravishing model too.

Atanu Ghosh
I actually like the greenish tones...very creative pose

Jonathan Baker
Very original post-processing treatment. I only wish the right hand was cropped more or not cropped at all. Cheers.

Sergey Afanasyev
The first and i think the most eye-catching aspect of this photo is colour. Even it is better to say the combination of colours - the colour of model's skin, the colour of lipstick, the blouse colour, and the colour of sofa. Composition is quite unusual, consisting on the one hand of many different geometric figures, on the other hand the composition is diagonal. If talking about cropping i'd better leave her right hand as it is. I think in this photo it's important that the model has the blouse. It looks better than if the model was naked Sergey

John Peri
Time for .. .. a little fantasy ...

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