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Published: Wednesday 30th of May 2007 12:20:34 PM


marTin Cabo
Nice! This is a different twist to a portrait, there's movement with the hair and the expression is very natural. The hair on the nose is what makes it all happen. Nice stuff Adam! marTin

willy setiadi

Ines Lojna Funtak
WOW!!!! 7/7

Alexandre Guerra
Leaving the hair covering a big part of the face and eye, lets the gorgeous mouth and the other eye to stand out so nicely crisp and full of detail. The hair leaning to the left also adds an always very welcome to a portrait sense of motion. A highly original and perfectly accomplished portrait.

Shane Perry

Longtang Lin
very original... please try more.. Longtang Lin

Martin Bauer

Radim Schreiber
Stunning image! Vitality, innocence, curiosity ... very expressive and beautiful. B&W works well here, because makeup is not distracting. Great tonal range, composition. Thanks for sharing.

Fred Tixier
Beautifull I'd love to know her toughts. ;)

Adam Wesolowski
I would like to thank you all for your time and for sharing your thoughts with me.

Mark Minard (Sydney)
Mmmm Love the face, love the shot. More please......Cheers

Kathy Brown
Very nicely done, conveys innocence and beauty. Your cropping enhances the effect. I agree that B&W works well here. Kathy

Steve Lamplugh

Adam Wesolowski
... thank you :)

Asla Vihervuori
Great shot, must say. Specially like the way her hair is covering other eye and her face partially. Parhaps it also underlines perfectly her expression. Her eye and mouth are compositionally in perfect positions (and are dominant enough)... No ratings, just respect. a s l a

Marc Aubry

Adam Wesolowski
Hasan... ... the model was 16 or 17 as far as I remember. thank you for the nice words ! :-)

Hasan Yildirim
Hi Adam. This is awesome b&w shot full of power. My girlfriend and I just curious, how old the model was. :) Thanks in advice. Cheers - Hasan

Omar Martinez
Amazing 7/7 Hello! Great lighting, composition and exposure You really are a Master. I'm trying to buy a light kit to get portraits like this. I'm a beginner and I would apreciate you advice, what kind of light would you recomend to me I sue canon XTI. Thank you. Regards. Lighting Question

Gian Marco Marano
Wonderful portrait, congratulations! Gian

Shayne Middleton
Adam Great idea, And executed perfectly. Well done :)

Ryan Howard
That looks like a dust spot on her lip. Still, incredible shot.

Robert Pete

Stunning image!

Looks amazing as a b&w . The hair, the eyes, the open mouth, brilliant!

Adam Wesolowski
All critiques/comments and opinions appreciated I'd love to know your thoughts regards, Adam.

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