Fungus Fly

by Evans Jeff

fungus fly seeking critique evans jeff

Gallery: The Wild World

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Macro

Published: Wednesday 30th of May 2007 12:01:48 PM


Radim Schreiber
You can use sharpen tool in Photoshop to improve this image. I believe that F11 would be enough, if you focused right on the insect. You can also use several shots with different focal distance and merge them in Photoshop (using mask or layers). Hope this is helpful.

Jeff Evans
feedback requested Please view larger image. A fungus fly laying eggs on the underside of a large mushroom. Any feedback on improving image clarity would be welcome. I shot at ISO 400 with a 100mm macro lens and all 3 extenstion tubes simultaneously. If I stop the lens down too much (to improve DOF) I seem to get some distortion and image softening, presumably from diffraction. This seems to become a problem as I get much above f14 or 16. How do I stop way down and still get a sharp imaing? Any suggestions? Thanks for looking! Jeff

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