Undressing bride

by Sm Denis

undressing bride seeking critique sm denis

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Published: Tuesday 29th of May 2007 06:34:42 PM


Denis Sm
@ Tanya Looking forwward for your serie....actually i`d continue in lazy california serie... and instead it i`m only lazy here :-)

Anthony J Deffina
All good things must come to an end.:( I've got to say that you made the most out of this series Denis. Everyone of these shots came out beautiful and sensual. Bravo my friend! ~Tony

Tanya Truong
Wow! Denis ...her eyes, her body seems to yearn for the touch of someone right in front of her not someone from Alaska ;o). Very sensual and intimate. Hmmm! Now, my series will come very soon ;o). Warmly, Tanya.

Denis Sm
@ All Thank you all for your comments and ideas, @Anthony Each end means start of something else :-). Thank you Tony for your sense of humor...it`s making my days :-).

someone else
Beautiful classic look, in b/w I think this would be an instant classic! Well done!

Denis Sm
Last one of bride serie Acorrding to previous pictures, this is last one of the bride serie, because hubby walking from alaska is almost here, so it`s time to take some break. Thank you for viewing and leaving any notice about this picture or all serie.

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