Aporia crataegi - Black-veined White

by Siwanowicz Igor

aporia crataegi black veined white canon eos d see siwanowicz igor

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Published: Monday 28th of May 2007 10:09:11 PM


Martin Zalba Ibañez

Joao Pereira
Wooowwwww! Congrats

Airi Pung
WOW is about all that comes to mind as well. Congrats!

Kenny Com
Nice work I love it...!!! It is a very nice picture...!!! GREAT SHOT..!!! It looks like fairies on the branch...

Mike Nikolic
beautiful! just amazing, very well done, congratulations!

Morteza Khorrami
lool Excellent .bravo

Ann Garrett
Just stunning. Ann :)

Catalin Parpalea

Peter Meade
This is a dlightful and delicate capture. Peter

Mehmet Akin
hello excellent work..congrats

Daniel Barrington

Atanu Ghosh
Wonderful composition and sharpness...superb image...

Inger Margrete Pedersen
Really beautiful:)

Gunn White

Mujahid Awais
E X C E L L E N T G R E A T C R E A T I O N .

Josep M Llovera
Incredible! The white foreground gives the master touch.

Javier López Echegoyen
Exellent!! PERFECT!!!!!

John Wright
I've never seen it's equal.

Tatjana Adizes
Wow ! Stunning!

jill wells
I dont think I would ever tire of looking at this picture, it is beautiful.

Kaupo Kalda
Wow Excellent!

Leanna Weber
All I can say is WOW!!!

MB Coral
..piekna robota Igor..gratuluje .. i publikacji tez.. ;]

Pulok Pattanayak
Terrific shot!

Jarek Wyganowski
Usually, I am not fond of insects, butterflies etc. but this one is outstanding. Great work, you nailed them all at once with a shallow DOF - very precise shot.

Ugur Atila
hi igor Perfect harmony... congs.

Gerry Priest

Ilia Farniev
Very fine image, admire so much. Regards. Ilia.

Louis Blair
Just magnificent,Bravo

Ceri Jones
Stunning image - I love the elegance and light in this picture. Perfect , well done.

Jan Piller
Wow again gheesh I love your stuff.

Jonathan Sylvestre
This is one of the best butterfly photo i've ever seen. I can see that this photo is taken in a studio/unnatural setting. That explain the number and the position of the buterfly as well as the shadow on the background. It remove nothing to the photo !! Congratulation !

Cherlyn .
Amazingly gorgeous in terms of subject, composition & tones.

Ellen van Deelen
How beautiful!

Jim Hoffman
Excellent!! Greetings,Jim

Daniella Puente
Just...perfect and wonderful!

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Simply stunning.

David Alexander
All your photos are wonderful, but this one in particular excels. The gentle transition of the light, the perfect composition, the precise choice of shutter... bravo!

Jana Vanourkova
wouw, the high key suits the image a lot. The best (graphical) butterflies I have seen. cheers Jana

GD Whalen
This is without question one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. Super.

Janet Harper
7/7 Just beautiful. Keep shooting, Janet

Rimjhim Brishti
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! 8/7

Kris Jacques
Very impressed Hi, This photo immediately captured my eye: it has a subtlety and elegance that is all too rare in most photos. The simplicity of the photo, the repeated clean patterns, the beauty of the insects, the soft backlighting through fog; it all comes together to create a work of art. And to top it all off, some action (the butterfly taking off). Well done!

Jacqueline Roberts
You could look at it for hours...mesmerising!!!

John Patrick
I kept coming back to look at it. Everything - backlighting, colours, DOF, focus, timing - all perfect IMO. Absolutely one of a kind. John.

Melissa Hulla
Beautiful capture

Carolyn Dalessandro
Delicate So soft,so gentle,almost dreamy a beautiful capture.

sovan saurav
this is much more than dreamland.

Lennart. K.V. Bardal.
Splendid work - WONDERFUL.

Jon Gibbs
really beautiful composition - superb

Richard Haller
Lovely Image But Photoshoped.

Tim Slater
Very very good. Featured in February Digital Photo magazine.

Subhasish Bhatta
Each & every eyes will pause a while on it. Wonderful.

Erika Maresi
WOW I have never seen a picture so delicate.

katherine ayers
Black-veined White Me, I would have left the top guy out of the photo altogether. He's missing the fragility you've captured in the others. Simplicity at its best. KSmith


Spencer Allen
Undoubtedly... One of the greatest this site has seen.

Lenaig Le Guen
Wahohhh! This picture is absolutely incredible! Top marks!

Jeanette Haugs
Beautiful Melancholy This is absolutly beautiful, absolut something I would put up on my wall!! I kinda remind me of one of daVinci's scetches of bugs, same delicate lines, the gray and warm tones. I think that the one on the top is the one that makes the image so special, how you can see the movement in the wings. Fabelous! Mvh Jeanette H

Luna M
perfect in details....

N Gio
Great composition and details:)

Faisal alanzi
i love it so much.

G Dii
one of the best I've ever seen on photo.net!

Miguel Chamorro
Belleza Beautifull and good composition. Bravo

Dianne Owen
what an amazing image this has a very creative viewpoint ot it. excellent work opped in my favs 7/7 di

Marina Situmorang
gorgeous! the most beautiful butterflies picture i've ever seen

Margaret Woodall-Shark

Steve Robb
Great capture Igor. I agree, the sublety of their colour (or lack of!) is beauty in itself. Your DOF is great, and I think you've caught them on the perfect plant, the first thing I noticed was how the points of the thistle (?) seemed to mimic the veins in their wings, Very well done.

Dror Baldinger

Ines Lojna Funtak
WOW! One of the best photos I have ever seen!!!!!

Dean Lozei
great This is real art.

Tim County

Stefka Roszczyn
!!! Just perfect!

Darren Fitzpatrick
WOW, just stunning!!!

Marc Sirinsky
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Yannik Hay
Hello, congratulations on this beautiful work of art! Beauty, elegance and simplicity. My only nitpik would be to clone out the top one with the blured wings, this I find reduces the rest of the work. Like Katherine Ayers, thought, above. Cheers!

Rajkumar Krishna

Very Artistic and Stunning. Has an ethereal  quality to it 

Pablo Fernández Ramil

Really nice !!!

Trisha Jean-Angela

Stunning! Ethereal and elegant; absolutely beautiful! Excellent work! Thank you for sharing. :)

Timo Hartikainen

Very nice.

Allan Ross

It's photos like this that proves my point " you don't need a mega$ camera to take great pictures, it comes from seeing" You have an artistic eye Igor.

Igor Siwanowicz
Celebration of wings There is the season for Black-veined White (Aporia crataegi) in my area. I like the gothic elegance of those butterflies; pure form - no eye-catching flashy colours! View them LARGE please!

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