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Published: Sunday 27th of May 2007 09:16:23 AM


Jeffery Beach
Great composition.

Paul Chepikian
Thank you, Felix, for the comments albeit not the most flattering, you took the time to leave them. I've learned a long time ago, I can't please everyone. I did take a quick look at your work and though I didn't see any studio work, your images are very impressive and I shall go back, take time to enjoy the images. Thanks once again for your thoughts. Jeffrey, I do like the composition as well. It has taken on a very abstract, graphic shape. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

Felix Hug
Studio images have to be spot on. You have complete control over all aspects of your image.Anything else then perfect is not good enough. Starting with the light, choice of talent, make up, styling and of course camera angle. On thetechnical side i find the image is not good enough.It does not look in focus and even a bit unintentional grainy. The hair looks not well arranged as well.The poistion of the hat is a bit akward too. I do like the effort for a different camera angle and the aditude in her gaze. As a whole it does not work for me though.

Felix Hug
@ Paul email adress: Have similar problems, since i tried to change some of my details photo.net has refused to fwd details... its felixhug@hfphotography.net, website: www.hfphotography.net

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Felix! I tried to get your email address to send a private response but for some reason, PhotoNet did not supply it. I do appreciate your latest comment. I had thought about responding to your comment earlier but I tend not to do that in the open forum if at all. It's funny how we, as human beings, can get all the wonderful comments and yet, we tend to focus on that one fellow that we were not able to please :-) I had been struggling with this since I read your thoughts as I thought they were a bit harsh. I gave you the benefit of the doubt in that sometimes, the language barrier plays a part in things sounding like other than they should. I should mention that the softness and the grain in the photo was a personal choice, not bad photography. Of course, I have several variations of this image, this just happened to be something that struck me. As far as perfection, I think we can both agree there is no such thing, only the pursuit of perfection. With respect to your work, I am truly very impressed and I am very sincere in that I plan on going back and giving the images the time they deserve. Once again, I most sinecerley appreciate the time you've taken to write. Please feel free to stay in touch and continued success. By the way, the shark photo is brilliant!

Felix Hug
@ Paul Sorry Paul, I might have sounded a bit harsh. When I do take my time to go throug images and leave comments I try to think about the perfect picture and voice out the things missing in my opinion. You said you cant please everybody and in fact you should not even try... usually those photographs are boring. I think yours is not, otherwise I would most likely not taken the time to look at it. You are right: No studio images anymore on my photo.net. The ones I had, I removed, because I'm focusing on travel & destination this days. It does not mean that I did not have my share of experiences in the studio, shooting fashion for a while for a few model agencies and a designer. I'm glad that you liked some of my travel shots..;-)

Paul Chepikian
Two Black Straps Studio work with Jen. Comments and observations always welcom. Thanks in advance.

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