Mirror Resting on Vanessa

by Chepikian Paul

mirror resting on vanessa seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Sunday 27th of May 2007 12:34:57 AM


Andrew Jackson
I like the blend of grey tones,the contrast of colour from her lipstick and hair highlighted with warm light.As these are the elements that make the image for me i would be tempted to crop close to strengthen these areas.This is only a personal pref, nothing more.

Paul Chepikian
Andrew: Thank you for stopping by and commenting as well as the sample you've been kind enough to leave. Though I appreciate the input, I think the choice you've suggested albeit a fine alternative, changes the image from a quirky, slightly bizzare and fun image of a full torso to a more formal portrait. In your cropping, you've excluded an element which though may not appeal to everyone, the galoshes, is what sets the image apart from a formal portrait. If I had set out to shoot a sincere portrait, Vanessa would not have been wearing a man's coat, galoshes and holding a mirror. I do agree with you with the tones of the image. They really appealed to me as well. But I do thank you for the comments and the sample. I just wanted to let you know where we were coming from and what we had set out to do. Be well, Paul

Andrew Jackson
Hi Paul..I did note the quirky nature.....as you said holding the mirror and the boots are a bit of a giveaway... Andrew

Raymond Elstad
Fabulous work Paul... It has a very classic look and I just love the irrigator boots I do. A very fine image indeed!

Paul Chepikian
Mirror Resting on Vanessa Recent personal studio work in collaboration with a dear friend, Vanessa, who is posing. This type of work is a real departure for me and one that has been personally very rewarding. I venture to guess it wont be everyone's cup of tea. Nonetheless, comments and observations are always welcome. With all due respect, ratings are of no concern to me. If you have something to say that is worthwhile, positive or negative, I thank you in advance. And yes, I'm aware I can submit for critique only, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

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