A Slice of Americana (Faces visible on "Larger")

by Kelly Landrum

a slice of americana faces visible on larger seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

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Published: Sunday 20th of May 2007 02:26:41 PM


Landrum Kelly
Yep, Ken, and it has been five years now. I wonder where they are now: out of college, in grad school, medical school, Iraq? I hope they all make it back for a reunion someday. --Lannie

Kenneth Fugate
Very nice I like those Dr Pepper cans and chips well done my friend you can all most see them brake up after the shot to go play some beach football Happy shooting

Kenneth Fugate
6-6 They do look like good kids Lannie well and the pop cans I think add to the photo hope they paid you a fair wage lol but I do like the shot it does say Americana good one my friend Oh and yes the end of school that is the smiles

Landrum Kelly
Ken, I don't even know who these kids were except that they were celebrating the end of the school year at one of the schools in the Beaufort, SC area. Some of them might have been service brats associated with the Parris Island Marine Corps Base (two islands down the coast from where this picture was taken). I was walking by and they asked me to snap their picture. I gave them my web address, and one of them later wrote me and thanked me for posting their picture to the internet. They were sure a wholesome-looking bunch. --Lannie

Jamie Kraft
classic and so absolutely not timeless i really like it. you should request critque.

Dennis Jones
I've had this happen to me a couple of times when on the Outer Banks... Good job, Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Jamie and Dennis. --Lannie

Francesco Cifarelli
Bravo! Wonderful shot, very "american"... Congrats!

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Francesco. They are quite a wholesome-looking bunch, are they not? I wonder what happened to them. I knew them for all of five minutes. --Lannie

Ryszard Tychawski
I love this kind of magic...pic .... unforgettable...specially for them... ...but you can feel this atmosphere...rycho

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Rycho. They even had a chaperone, who was seated (with her young child) about thirty meters to the right. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
A Slice of Americana It was the end of school and they asked me to take their picture.


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