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Published: Saturday 19th of May 2007 03:07:47 AM


Julian Burke
OK, accepted but what was the purpose of the intentional over exposure? The sensor did not cope well with the over exposure giving you a red & blue edge light.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, gang: I think the intent of the exposure was "experimental" and the result, at least for me, was the creation of a more surreal image. I can take a well exposed image, I've done that. I think the edge light (the red) was caused more by the movement of Jen's arm and the shutter speed than by a sensor issue. Granted, this is not one of the better examples of this series, it still has a quality that appealed to me. I think this one is a bit "too overesposed" compared to the others on the site. I can create this look in post with Photoshop as well but not exactly this look, similar but not exact. I like having the halogens with the red and blue filter light up the shadows with those colors whereas the strobe blasts away the well lit areas. Ah, the grand experiments... Thanks for the comments and observations. I appreciate anyone taking the time to visit.

Whisperin O Feeling
It's so nice.. We don't deny .. I am with Julian :-), I think the red edges deform the whole sight.. And despite of this, if we ignored the red edges, we will find a really nice shot :-). Nice to find your notes around my photos :-) Regards

Paul Chepikian
Jen Part of a series shot in a makeshift studio. Combination of halogen lighting and strobes. Intentional overexposure. Comments and observations welcome.

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