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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 17th of May 2007 02:47:39 PM


Michael Meneklis
Very good capture John. I like her pose and expression too much. Colors and light are perfect. Bravo.

Sweid Sideris
She is awesome, she knows exactly what to do in front of a camera, again, another remarkable personality outcroping from an image. This composition is done with mastery, the fine white wall with those curtains colored in the same hues than her lips, her skin and the steps on the right, framed in the just point and your expertise use of natural lightning from the upper-right side and (a mirror?) filling lights from the left. Sensual and refined atmosphere you've created here John.

Atanu Ghosh
The composition and expression of the model makes this photo great...you have captured the right mood and you are lucky to such an excellent model. Congrats to you and your model.

Paolo Cozzaglio
Very sexy, John! I like composition and colours.

Pierre Dumas
Good as can be! And that's very good by my taste! I mean, a girl showing more than girls should show, can not be excellent, I'm a religious man! But the messages of the arts are not only the good, but the beautiful and first of all the truth! And that's alas the truth of the end of the world, girls smoking, showing their shameful parts, looking at you as inviting you to sinful activities...! Cheers to the end of the world! PDE

Alberto Quintal
Excellent, Master John, master piece of photo, beautiful model and sexy. Best regards. Alberto

Costas Ellos
I do like architectural Details !!!!!!!! Your photography is always beyond competition. (P.S. "Ellinas" with double LL)

Sarah Kane
This is my favourite I've seen of yours lately... The sneaky expression on her face is very enticing and sexy; I love how everything comes together in this one, really beautiful model too!! Congrats;) p.s. I'll be adding photos again soon.... ~S~

Mark J
Very good natural pose. Almost like a moment between shots...candid and casual. Great work, as always..

Greg Maszyna
hey John, i would like to share with you one thought that came on my mind the other day... when i first signed to PN i was stunned with your photography (i think even left a few comments & ratings under your photos), then i started take people photos myself - still watching closely your stlye - and i realised that not all of your photos are 7/7 (dont get me wrong - i do like your ideas and photos - but i realised that nobody is able to shoot "36 out of 36 frames" perfectly), then i started read comments under your photos and always there is plenty of comments from people who admire those photos (something like: oh my god, that is great, great light, great composition etc.) even when those photos weren't that great... a couple weeks ago i got obsessed with that, so i decided to go through your portfolio and find that special something in those photos... i decided to "google" your name even (that was actually very helpful, cause in this way i found MM website and already have some new contacts thanks to that :))... after going thruogh PN and MM i learnt a lot about your style and your "phenomenon". sorry for that long story but i need everything above to make a point... so what i think is, that your name is like trademark, like that LEVI'S tag... John i think during that last few years - that you are present here - your name bacame that kind of tag, that guarante everyone high level of photography to view... next thing is, that after i've seen all the comments here and on MM, i am finnally able to understand how all those models are so relaxed when they work with you......... they just love you.... to sum everything that i said i have that sentence "The Legend Of John Peri" :). John thanks for your time that you took to read that :) best regards. grego btw again good relaxed photo...

John Peri
Hmm .. don't know, will have to ask her ... she was just having a cigarette pause actually .... :-)

Alec Ee
Soft, sensual and confident. A lovely model well taken.

Jim Phelps
John, Is this the gypsy look? I like it. Jim Phelps

Sorin Vidis
What a great diagonal John...an intriguing combination of styles in her outfit....part "flower power" part pure grace .... Congrats once again

Rakesh Syal
Lovely mood, colors and image of a relaxed model!! John!! Best regards and thanks for your kind visit!

Thomas Collins
Stunning John, After a month long hiatus I have returned to PN only to discover that you have been having such a productive and inspiring time while I was gone. This is a WONDERFUL photograph and a very beautiful and sexy young lady. Cheers!! :-)

Tore Nilsson
I like this one The photo is great from a photo technique point of view and the models look and expression is great too :) Best regards Tore

John Peri
Cigarette pause .. .

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