A Wink from a Porn Actor? (Does He Know Something We Don't?)

by Crosley John

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Published: Thursday 17th of May 2007 04:51:03 AM


John Crosley
Micki (edited for clarity) It takes a different set of values to work in the porn industry (I hear tell). I can't say for certain from personal experience, however, but seeing this guy (if he's an 'actor') is not going to sell me a seat in a theater, standing room in a peepshow booth, or a DVD. He's not the kind of guy I'd wear a raincoat for, in other words. Of course, it's the women that sell the porn, not generally the men, and one porn operator told me, the women like their porn with stories, and lots of them like with pretty hard action but beautiful people, whereas the guys like just about everything so long as it goes at about the speed of his finger here. Notice I say the speed of his finger HERE. I won't speculate about anything I don't know about. And if you are repulsed, then I have succeeded. He was not only 'interesting' to photograph because he's different, but he revels in being different (kind of like 'tattoo guy' from Buenos Aires -- seen elsewhere in my portfolio -- who is not a pornography star so far as I know - but think of the possibilities . . . . Maybe this guy is a 'porn producer', but one expects that they all have pot bellies and are in the industry so they can have their personal yachts and private jet planes. (I think I recall the owner/creator of 'Girls Gone Wild' porns series who took a felony fall for not keeping adequate ID/age records of his 'girls' to guard against underage girls being sexually exploited by exposition, but was allowed to fly wherever he wants (either after he gets out of prison, or as a condition of probation -- not parole -- I forget which). Now he could go only on business, and only by notifying a federal probation/parole officer of his destination/business, be subject to search anytime, and be subject to lots of other restrictions designed supposedly to 'keep track' of such people, but in reality it's probably as much to humiliate them before the might of the government of the United States and 'put him in his place' for disobeying the law, which is one of statute, not of underlying wrong (what is the difference between an 18-year-old 'actress' with ID and one who doesn't furnish her ID, or he just doesn't get or keep a copy of it? It's not an inherent and underlying wrong apparent to everybody -- after all, Nevada and a host of states would allow him to have sex with 16-year-olds, so it's not 'wrongful per se' but malum prohibitum (there's a law against it -- somebody decided to draw the line someplace and he stepped over it *and I do not know how badly, either, nor do I watch his stuff*. I note that that fellow, (note I didn't say 'poor fellow') had his own private jet and pilot to fly him anywhere he wanted to go. And if you're in the 'porn' industry, as long as there is sexuality (to be researched, say) who can say any trip is NOT a business trip . . . one always has to do 'research' doesn't one as well as scout for locations . . . . Parole/probation is different for those with multi-million dollar jets (if I have my facts straight). I like your comments; keep 'em comin'; even if only to say how and why you are repulsed by a subject. John (Crosley)

Micki F.
So John, Is he flirting with you? I find it very interesting that everything is in perfect clarity except for that finger. Like he is talking with that finger going a mile a minute. Then he does that little click with his eye for you. YUCH! He also looks like he had is canine tooth shaved to look like a vampire tooth which is popular in some places with they try to look punk or goth or whatever they try to look. Whatever it is he just really looks stupid. He almost looks like a normal guy here in Florida that decided to be transformed into something wild and different all for the sake of what? He sure doesn't look cute enough to see him up closer and personal that is for sure. The picture is ok. Not fond of that finger but it shows he is busy talking but not to busy to take a wink at you or someone by you. The colors in the hair match the colors in the background but other than that I am kind of repulsed by him not because of his hair or the way he looks but the way he is looking at me. Yuck.

Judy Ben Joud
superb! regards,Judy

Hugh Hill
Ooooohh! It was his finger he was shaking! And heres me thinking it was his 'tadger' interesting candid of an even more interesting subject. Hugh

John Crosley
Judy, Judy, Judy (as spoken by Cary Grant) Welcome back. So nice to see you here again. I've missed you -- 'the queen of street shooters'. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Hugh Hill I'm not completely sure what a 'tadger' is, but his is so long it's probably a 'tadge' not a 'tadger' if he's in the porn business. And it is finger he's shaking, but notice his hair is totally 'erect' -- probably keeping with an 'image'. Stop by any time, Hugh. You're very welcome. John (Crosley)

Judy Ben Joud
Thanks John I'm not shooting too much lately -too hot for going out . Anyway i came to delete my photos-too many thefts lately . The one i posted will be deleted soon too-sorry about that,but so nice to see you

John Crosley
A Wink From a Porn Actor? (Does He Know Something We Don't?) Captured at the Las Vegas Adult Expo (porn convention) this man, who appears to be a porn actor, (or at least affiliated with porn production) sports a Mohawk haircut and a knowing wink, engendering the question 'What Does He Know That We Don't?) Your ratings and comments are invited and most appreciated. If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your superior photographic knowledge to help improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! John

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