Woods in Fog (Please view on "Larger")

by Kelly Landrum

woods in fog please view on larger seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: Let There Be Dark

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 16th of May 2007 04:20:01 AM


Pnina Evental
Nice atmospher Lannie, In the heavy fog, the trees are looking like a far away dream.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Kenrick and Henri. This one just sort of worked, I'm happy to say, although it is subtle and not likely to have great popular appeal. --Lannie

Henri Manguy
Nice foggy forest. Pity that the jpg compression is too strong, making plain demarcated strips where it would be a shading off.

Brad Kim
Moody, Lannie!

Kenrick Rampial
Very unique capture of the forest. Nice work.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
I love this... and the faint color in the dof... takes me back to a movie I love called "The New World"... the story of Pochahontis and Capt. Smith... very nice photo, Lannie

Bert Reitter
misty/mysterious Hi, Lannie! This is a wonderful image, evoking all manner of thoughts...I can just imagine the Hobbits penetrating this threatening forest....beautifully done ...Bert

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Jana. It is always nice to have you visit my photos. --Lannie

Jana Vanourkova
Hello LK ! wonderful image, very enigmatic, my cup of tea, cheers Jana

Thomas Hardy
This is the type of shot I try to pull off frequently (the woods that is). The mist makes it really work though.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Thomas. Yes, the mist can make a lot of things work. I absolutely must take more shots in the early morning mists this fall. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Woods in Fog Thanks for viewing and commenting.


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