Storm Clouds, Chattooga River

by Kelly Landrum

storm clouds chattooga river seeking critique kelly landrum

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 16th of May 2007 04:19:56 AM


Bruce Wilson
Scary Cloud huh I like the composition, considering the lifelikeness and reality of a picture lik ethis.

Mike Palermiti

Hi Lannie,

I was attracted to this image because of the original face that I imagined.

The open mouth reveals a twin tooth (left of center, about 1/2 across the image).

I enjoy clouds. Here in Florida, my wife and I will sit for an hour just naming all life like formations that frequently change.

Nice work.

best Regards,  Mikeu

Landrum Kelly
Storm Clouds, Chattooga River This aspiring cumulus congestus was growing right up into the top of a truly threatening cumolo-nimbus. As it rose, it pushed saturated air high enough to drop the temperature to the dew point, giving the halo or "cap cloud" effect.


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