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Gallery: Abstract - Restore internal peace

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Published: Monday 14th of May 2007 10:12:29 PM


Adan Wong
Creative and original. Good work, Marios.

Marios Lefteriotis
Thank Jeanne, thanks Adan. Jeanne please explain a little more what do you mean by "cropping the sides off". Thanks

Daryl Crouse
Wonderful expression of how we have become voyeurs instead of participants. The comments you have posted on my photos demonstrate / encourage the thought that all individuals have a responsibility to be active in making our world a better place to reside. It begins with each of us getting up out of the chair and embarking on a path of change. Great message found in a simple, but yet thought provoking picture. Thanks Marios for reminding us!

Jeanne Hansen
Hi Marios, thanks for the comments on my photo. I appreciate you taking time to tell me your thoughts. To clarify what I meant about this photo, I think that the light squares on the sides draw the viewer's eye away from the central image (the face and the two figures in yellow). Because the central image is the most dynamic part of this photo, I suggest cropping each side off just past the subject's toes. However, it is your artistic interpretation that matters, so please forgive me if I am not seeing your vision. In any case, I think this is a very interesting and creative photo.

Marios Lefteriotis
O.K. Jeanne I'm going to do it in a new uploading. Thank you for your suggestions!

Marios Lefteriotis
Daryl, my friend! Thank you so much for your warm words to me and to everybody interested in making something to change a little this world for the better. This is our responsibility to us, our children, our civilization. We have to understand it before it is too late!

Marios Lefteriotis
Thank you Julie for your thoughts. You see, I am trying to tell a story about human behaviour, using a series of photos. You are kindly invited to change these photos (there are 4 of them so far) according to your thoughts and let us discuss them again. My basic idea starts from a woman looking at a blank screen of a tv set..Thanks

Jeanne Hansen
I like this, but I'd suggest cropping the sides off to make a stronger central image. Interesting idea.

Julie Cain
I like your creative style. I think if you pulled the tv closer on both sides and blacked out the busy background this image would stand out more. And also move the face more in the middle. The line up is a bit off..I really do like where you are going with this..just maybe give it more of a mystery feel on the focus area. You can crop the tv and bring it closer in on each sides. Just my thoughts. I like the woman in the chair. And the double effect.

Marios Lefteriotis
Dear George, Thank you for your warm words. I deeply appreciate these, as they are expressed by a top class Greek photographer! Regards.

George Koutsilieris

Tatjana Adizes
Hi Marios! I love this photo. At frst I didnt like composition but now I can say thet it serving an idea. It is a prison of our selfs. Sometime our perception is uor prison. Thank you very much for your commentes. I like your photos and way you do them. Wery imagenativ and smart. Regards!

Marios Lefteriotis
Philosophical forum Tatjana thank you for your comments. Go to the philosophical forum at the entry under the title WHERE IS THE BACKSTORY, to read more about this picture and the stories behind photos which give real value to the art of photography!

Marios Lefteriotis
Help!! ask for help!

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