Zt 213 .. this model is above 18 years old ..

by Peri John

zt this model is above years old nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Sunday 13th of May 2007 11:28:41 PM


John Peri
Yes Tanya, some cretin wrote to PN recently to complain about what they said was an underaged model of mine, of course without having the remotest idea of how old she was or any way of guessing it. She was dressed though with a partially transparent teashirt on the beach. She had swam like that on a crowded beach! Just for the anectode, someone else, albeit a well meaning friend on PN this time wrote a comment under another photo ten days ago, referring to the "Lolita" in my picture. It just so happens that she is 36 with two children! It is very difficult to fight against ghosts, so from now on I will add this silly statement above to any young looking person that I post.

Atanu Ghosh
Another excellent pose and expression...great work!

Alberto Quintal
Fantastic and sexy shot, John. Best regards. Alberto

Tanya Truong
Poor John... that you have to put a label that she's above 18 years old. John! my sister is 48 years old, and she looks 30 y/o, and she's not the only one who looks much younger than her age that i know of. I hope others won't take offense of your work simply because the models appear to be young. Best wishes, Tanya.

Sarah Kane
;) Wow, incredible John... I suppose I'm not that surprised, some people like to take an idea and run with it as though their mission is to rid this evil world of all its injustice; amazing that anyone who visits your gallery can't tell just be looking that you're an experienced and reputable photographer (as you have so many gorgeous women who have obviously put their trust in your work) That being said, Life truly is wonderful, and so are you photos!! as always;) ~S~

Sarah Kane
Incredible isn't it? How people can make assumptions and fly to the moon with them... She does look young, but then so do I;) Soon I'll be taking some very provocative shots of myself and a friend, and upon posting them on Photo.net, I better not get any flack;) Anyways, she's absolutely beautiful, as is another of your models http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3185767 Thanks always for sharing and commenting, ~S~

John Peri
yes Sarah, a couple of people wrote in to complain that I photograph underaged girls that needless to say I have never done, ever ... and I was threatened with expulsion with no further notice !! So what can you do .. you can't fight ghosts .. so I have to add silly comments under my photos like the one above addressed to them .. Incidentally, don't you need another photographer to take pictures of you together with your friends ... :-)

John Peri
A friend .

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