Zt 212 This model is above 18 years old ..

by Peri John

zt this model is above years old nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Portrait

Published: Sunday 13th of May 2007 08:45:40 PM


Tanya Truong
John! How do i get qualified to be your model?!!!. I thought i am a girl next door but i did not not get much noticed :o(. Ah! Perhaps, i can be on your...frontpage :o)...just to try it out.

Sorin Vidis
Playful....flirty...devolish....and all the other condiments for which we love them...women...... Regards Drop by....

Sweid Sideris
Lovely, defiant (like almost all your young models) and absolute beauty. I like the contrast between clothes/hair and her amazing white skin, great red touchs, make up style adds spice to this feeling.

John Peri
Ha, well put Sorin .. !

Alberto Quintal
Lovely,sexy and lovely model, John. Alberto

Atanu Ghosh
Excellent pose and expression...

John Peri
Student days .

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