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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 9th of May 2007 06:44:55 PM


Massimo Santoni
Nice capture again, relaxed expression, grayscale and lovely model.

Sorin Vidis
Again...the transparent elegance of this young lady is smashing.......excellent pose....and look...appropriate DOF....though I would have loved to see the whole necklace...and the locket (which seems like a lock from here) because they both (with the ring) contrast with the soft and elegant overall impression adding up to the overall composition.... Best regards Drop by...

First Last
Pleasant portrait, model as well..

Leanna Weber
John:O) Another lovely portrait of a beautiful young lady. Leanna :O)

John Peri
Well Allan, it is strange that you feel compelled to come to the defense of women, whereas so few of them over the years have taken the same approach, not to mention the young ladies that pose for me, a good 95 per cent of which are chosen precisely among the girls next door as I describe. Maybe you are just not very observant around you ... :-) I have strictly no rationalization to put forward as you suggest. I am a "glamour" and "artistic nude" photographer, and I have entitled my portfolios accordingly. To suggest that attempting to make women look beautiful is damaging to their self esteem by perpetuating this image of them is frankly a little absurd.

Alon Eshel
A beautiful portrait , So elegant

A.K. Sircar
Very good portrait,John. Composition,exposure,DOF and light are perfect.Juha is right:-)

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Elegant portrait. So soft and expressive . . . just brilliant. In this the ring really matches with her personality. All the best.

John Peri
yes, I too regret having sacrificed the locket Sorin, thank you. Unfortunately, one doesn't always see these things on the spur of a moment, but it is a definite failing ..

John Peri
Thank you Glenwood, I do so much appreciate your support. You above all have understood the profound respect and affection in which I hold my models. And you are totally right of course when you imply that they remain in control at all times. What could possibly be more powerful than the amazing grace and feminity expressed by the young lady above. They are not stupid furthermore and if they felt expoitation, they would be the first to revolt. I don't think that Allan really meant any harm. Whereas I do understand the pressure that some people feel when standards are raised high, and it does not apply to women alone, I don't think it right however that others should suffer because of the inability for some to reach any particular goals. We need examples to strive for and a sense that achievement is possible, otherwise we will all drown in mediocrity and self pity.

Tanya Truong
A sweet moment... captured by John Peri. Whatever that's on her mind, it must be a pleasant one :o).

Atanu Ghosh
Another excellent portrait from you, John...Like the tone and mood.

Michael Meneklis
Very good portrait with excellent exposure and pose. Bravo John.

Peter Meade
Hello John, this is an absolute delight, a real charmer. It reminds me of the iconic photograph of Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's. Regards. Peter

Glenwood Sherry
Beautiful, but damaging? John, First of all, what an exquisite portrait of a very beautiful lady. I was right to refer to her before as an actress, not a model, for rather than assuming a posed attitude, she seems to have been captured in a frame from a most interesting movie; perhaps a comedy of manners, with her at an elegant dinner party, mildly amused, and at the same time, intriqued by her dinner companion. But, about this "damaging" comment by Allan: Has he even bothered to look at your porfolio? Most photographers on PN treat their models as mannequins, with all the personality of a bowl of fruit. How "liberating" is that? Your subjects are your muses, your collaborators, your partners in a process that brings out the life experiences of each and everyone of them. Never do you demean. Never do you patronize. Often, in fact, they seem to be the ones in control, and that you are the hired hand! (Actually, I learned a long time ago to find the most intelligent women that I can find to be around, and then to shut up, and listen to them. I have been a very happy man.) Oh, well, we each bring our own prejudices to everything that see, think and do, and such comments reveal more about of the critic that they do about what is being critqued. With respect and admiration for you, your actress, and your art, Glenwood

Esteve Boix
I know I'm repeating what's been already said:
A really elegant and nice portrait, with an outstanding composition, and -as always- perfect lighting.
Nothing else to add. I really like this one.


A LaCroix
John, I like this photo very, very much. I read your biography and looked over your photos. You are very talented. The nudity in your photos is not superfluous as you claim, nor is it incidental in anyway. I have no problem with nudity and I do not represent the lowest common denominator. The human body is beautiful but I am always curious as to why only certain nude bodies are shown and not a greater variety of body types of both females and males. By all means exercise your artistic freedom and shoot what you want but a greater diversity of subjects might me more interesting. I am sure you can put forward a volume of rationionalizations as to why you do what you do but do take some responsibility for perpetuating female images that are damaging to many women's self-esteem. Few of these these "girls" are the girl next door, at least not where I live!!!! All that aside, you are very talented and I hope you will spread your talent into a wider variety of subjects.

Mark Boyer
An absolutely stunning portrait. She could be musing about almost anything.

Kim Allsebrook
A lovely composition with perfect lighting.... so natural...well done... Kim :o)

Lee Jianmin
Graceful Portrait of Elegant Woman. I like your portfolio and they are so real.

Bill Symmons
Beautiful John. Quiet and lovely. My compliments, Bill

Markos George Hionos
i saw this portrait first time today - i really like it John - so nice so tender so well taken ...bravo .

W J Gibson
great portrait photo

Peter Meade
Hello John, I wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and rewarding 2008. Peter

Kombizz Kashani
simply beautiful capture with nice pose and good tones

Marin Tosic
Very elegant Great job!

Pierre Dumas
What to say but a bit different! And I almost forgot: Beautiful portrait! Face, expression, tones, background perfectly neutralized and again shown...very, very good, which is not a big deal for you maestro, ha! John, may I have the honor to invite you on the celebration of my first anniversary?! Tuxedo isn't obligatory! Thank you in advance for coming! PDE

John Peri
Hm, I specialized in cardiovascular physiology, so our background lends to some mutual understanding (and sympathy may I add). Not many people understand the demands of the clinique or research. I will be shot for saying this, but many fellow members on PN go on ad infinitum about equipment, software and imaginary rules which are supposed to determine the outcome of photography. "There are no rules, only good photographs" Ansel Adams said. As for equipment, I mostly use one of the first SLR digitals that came out which is the Nikon D70 (I also bought a D90 but cannot get it to perform so well), and a standard kit zoom lens on each of them, as well as an SB800 flash attached to the camera socket ( ). Regarding software, until six months ago I used photoshop 5. Unfortunately, my new computer will not recognize it and I reluctantly evolved to Photoshop 7 which remains the only tool I use, mostly for desaturating pictures, redimensioning them and, sometimes, to press a few buttons and see what comes out ((my fantasy files). This is really quite elementary and and I don't think you need any space age technology to take and process photographs. The portrait above that you so kindly refer to is basically a snapshot taken in my sitting room. What characterizes it is not the remarkable sharpness, texture or whatever but the privileged relation that I share with the model. I don't want to diminish in any way the marvellous accomplishments that one encounters on PN, but I do think that for a hobbyist such as ourselves, any standard material is quite sufficient. Many thanks for passing by. Enjoy your photography.

Simon Moles
Thanks for your reply CV Physiology!!! Way too scientific!! I got into Neuro for the toys, with the need for a little finesse at times! Thank you very much for getting back to me John, being a novice on this site I genuinely appreciate your feedback. And I am so glad I can continue ignoring everyone telling me PS8 is not enough and to buy the full CS4! Let me think, buy another lens, tripod, flash or and cardboard box with a £600 DVD in it! I’d hope I have steady enough hands to leave a tripod for now, but I really didn’t want to buy software, I need a proper flash I think...... anyway. I was going to ask if the subject in this picture was a friend or someone you know well, she seems very at ease. I’ll just start shooting people I know, those who are comfortable with me holding a camera up to them!. Clearly the D5000 I bought is by far able to give me what I want to get, time to just take pictures and learn by doing, the medical way of learning!! Have a good week and thanks again for the mail. Zain

Simon Moles
Phenomenal This image is a truly one that would arrest the tracks charging tanks! What a truly beautiful moment taken out of a day of a truly beautiful person. It’s the thought she is in the middle of that is as appealing as her elegance and striking looks! An engaging model with that extra appeal and an active mind! These images, with their stories in-picture, are what I want to try and capture, and why I finally bought a proper DSLR. If I may ask a couple of questions please, to give hope to an overworked surgeon on British wages? You write that you just had a zoom lens on your Nikon, with a mounted flash? Accepting that my mid- level Nikon is a fraction of that which you use, mounted with the supplied lens, tell me I do not need to buy a puzzling trick lens and an extreme flash to be equipped have hope of finding similar portraits and capturing something along the same lines, though not quite your level yet? And then please, when I find one image amongst the hundreds taken, I don’t need NASA level IT skills to post edit the file? Everyone I meet is telling me I must buy, learn and study software to death, no-one yet has suggested going out and taking pictures!! I just want a glimmer of hope John that one's trained eye, I’m a neurosurgeon so maybe not that trained, patience and the help and understanding of such a subject as you have here and I may start getting the images I bought the kit for in the first place! Thank you for the portrait and any time you may have to answer! What a phenomenal portfolio you have, work to be proud of indeed! Z

John Peri
Hy Zain, nice to hear from you again. To answer your question, yes this is a friend, but on second thought, she became so after the photography and not before .. so the point is really getting people to relax. As you know, am I into taking portraits etc., too, and this is the one area where relationships are much more important than the equipment. So if you stop trying to imagine what's lurking in their amygdala and hippocampus ...... . :-) .. you will quickly get them used to the camera and start getting some good shots. Let me know if you need anything. All the best my friend, John

Kombizz Kashani
Simply beautiful

Michael Sulka

Wonderful portrait!

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .. ..

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