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by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Wednesday 9th of May 2007 05:08:17 PM


Massimo Santoni
7/7 How beautiful john!! nice compo with the stairway geometries, the pose and the delicate expression of the model. "Bravo Maestro!!" And thanks for your advices I really appreciate.

Kim Allsebrook
Lovely composition... well done... Kim :o)

Alberto Quintal
Perfect!!! I love it , great work, John. Regards. Alberto

John Peri
Yes, definitely so Bill, thanks.

John Peri
Many thanks Stephen. Very frankly though, I only rarely plan anything. I just try to seize a moment ... and often I make lots of mistakes in the process!

Thomas Carrage
I love it :) The model is just beautiful. I don't really like the "grey" blanc and white, but it's a matter of personnal tastes. The hand just near the bottom is not that good for me though... But I'm sure you did that purposely :)

A.K. Sircar
Mistakes are the stepping stones to success,John. Interesting composition.

Rolando De la Fuente
Very Goog Comp Nice,Good Mojo there!

Javier López Echegoyen
Exelente!! Perfecta composici�n y B/W!!!

Jon Bevan-Pritchard
I also immediately noticed the resemblance to Alicia Keys, and IMHO she is perhaps the most beautiful Woman you have photographed. I really enjoy the composition and use of the spiral staircase... and two Peri signatures, shooting from above looking down on the subject, and the fact that she looks so comfortable in this picture. Something that is present in all of your pictures John.

David McCracken
Rather good! This is one of your best composed shots. The angle of the model's head just nails it. I am not so keen on the shadows on the stairs although they are only the minutest of niggles. I would have perhaps focussed on her eyes rather than her bottom but hey... if we all took photos the same way, wouldn't it be boring?

John Peri
Interesting. She sings and dances too ... :-) ... but more importantly, she is a also a full time very serious and able student !

Stephen Solomon
Nice Movement I really like your placement of the model on the staircase, angle of view, and her pose. Together, they create great movement for the viewer's eyes throughout the entire image. Good balance of light and dark tones over the whole picture. I also like the how the braids in her hair are repeated in her waist ornament. Obviously, you planned it all! I think the placement of the hands is fluid, only just a little too close to the edge of the bottom frame, but it works. All in all, the model is set off in a beautiful environment and is very becoming. Thanks to both of you for sharing! Steve

Mr G.Q
only inimitable you live in the stratosphere of the photo

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Aesthetically excellent. Great balance of black and white. Like the soft light effect.

John Peri
Thank you Brad, I appreciate that very much. You have indeed understood the spirit that lies behind my photography whuch has nothing to do with the state of dress or undress of my models. It is to share with these young women some moments that are recorded on camera where they are free to express themselves as they feel, far from the usual constraints that surround them. Sometimes it is in the privacy of their homes, in others it is by play acting a role to fulfil a fantasy that they cannot experience in their everyday lives. They enjoy it obviously or they wouldn't do it. They are also however my harshest critiques, and it is they and not me that set the standard to go by. There is an old saying to the effect that "You cannot be more Royalist than the King". If they think it's ok, then I am admittedly less worried by what others that wish to substitute for them may think. There are different reasons I feel why people may take a strong stand in this issue. Some are genuinely concerned that women may be looked down on, It is largely a cultural issue and I guess one has to be understanding, but I think I have replied above to that concern. There is no right or wrong, societies differ and we are all free to identify with what and with whom we wish. However, I feel less tolerance towards those that wish to impose their viewpoint on others. There are still others nevertheless that are more interested in expressing their self-righteousness, but in reality it is has much less to do with defending the rights of women than it being about themselves. It would seem obvious to me by looking at a few of these photos that I love and cherish these young ladies. To suggest the opposite leads one to imagine with all respect that these critics undertstand nothing about the very women whose right they are so determined to defend. More recently I have been criticized for portaying underaged women, the very idea of which is grotesque and not worthy of further response. Just for the anectode, one of these models last week was 36 years old and has two children!

Michael Meneklis
Very original pose and synthesis with perfect exposure. Well done John.

Alec Ee
She really looks like Alicia Keys. Lucky you. ^_^

Bill Symmons
More good graphics John. The hair does seem to get lost in the carpet though. Good shot, Bill

Sorin Vidis
Beautiful comp....she beeing against the tide somehow....the stairs are descending and she is climbing up in a feline pose.....very sexy and imaginative... Best regards Drop by...

John Peri
Staircase option .

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