Life in the wall

by Vazquez Efren

life in the wall leaves old seeking critique vazquez efren

Tags: wall leaves old seeking critique

Category: Travel

Published: Saturday 5th of May 2007 11:30:13 PM


Lynn Kagan
I like this combination of three distinct elements, older, newer, and newest green. The color contrast is nice too. Nicely done. Best, Valerie

V. H. Jorge
Metáfora Gu'stame esta captura, parece irreal... Todo unha meta?fora. Vida nun muro, na fendo do muro... Jejeje... Gu'stame moito. Unha aperta!

Olaf de Vries
Very tender and beautiful composition. Congrats!

Bram Meijer
Really nice Could have had a little bit more contrast. Regards, Bram

Efren Vazquez
Life in the wall Thanks for your rates and comments...

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