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by Rosemier Matt

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Published: Saturday 5th of May 2007 03:23:21 PM


Fred G
I think you are probably right. I would have kept the red trim on the right and just gotten rid of the extra glass, but even still it doesn't seem to work as well with the portrait orientation because the subject feels too far away. The landscape version feels more intimate.

Fred G
Matt, I think you have the makings of a fine portrait here. You've captured a great expression on Nalim and certainly have located him in his environment, a sriking one. The light is falling nicely on his face and his white clothes make him stand out as the natural subject framed by his red-accented shop. What supports this shot, in addition to the color contrasts, is the geometry and I wonder if you might have done better to hold your camera vertically. We don't gain a whole lot by seeing the very right-hand side of the window (which you would have had to give up in a vertical shot unless you could have moved back without risking getting hit by a car in the street or widened your lense which may not have been a possibility) and I think we lose by not seeing his feet in this one. In a vertical shot, he would be totally framed by his store entrance, you'd keep his store name in view and not cut off the pictures at the bottom, possibly giving the photo more harmony and completeness. The reflections here work to your advantage and don't become a distraction which they often do in this kind of shot.

Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Fred. I did see the same thing you've pointed oput and did try the portrait version of this landscape photo, and for several reasons, it just didn't work for me.

See if maybe you don't agree...

Matt Rosemier
Nalim's Shop Thanks for ratings/comments.

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