Zt 182

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 5th of May 2007 12:21:30 PM


Michael Meneklis
Very nice synthesis with your beautiful model and excellent exposure John. .

Bill Symmons
John. I wondered what it was that "disturbed" me about this imaqe, and then I saw the full frame. This works better for me. The models glance seems to unbalance the B&W frame. Maybe somewhere in between might be perfect. With respect, Bill

John Peri
Thank you both. Yes Jim, smart, it is from a larger frame ...

Alon Eshel
Very good composition and light , very sexy . What is that painting behind her ? Looks something religious

John Peri
To Glenwood: Ha ha Glenwood, for many years my passion was the cine camera and in student days, under the mystical and magical charm of Fellini and Visconti, I dreamed of moving into films ... until my father asked me how I planned to eat for the rest of my life ... :-) Indeed, life is a perpetual expenditure of energy, nothing is really still in relation to other objects and yet, paradoxically, we as relative observers occupy a singular viewpoint that cannot be shared by anyone else, hence the uniqueness of the situation and the interest in recording what we see. Our conscious is bombarded incessantly by fleeting images that pass before our mind. However, they are never alone, neither in space nor in time, and you cannot dissociate any particular experience from what has happened just before or what will follow. For that reason, any scene is really many images in one, particularly when we humans are included and we add the complexity of the human psyche, and it is for us to reconstruct the whole when looking at it. It is the reason also for some of the teasing titles that I have given to some of my works in the line of "remembering the future". The above is also what a critic does, and a photo critique very often says as much about the person making it as the work under investigation. In your case, as my model above said, you are remarkably observant, " perspicacious" was the word she used, a quality that can only be earned by a prolonged and intense interraction with one's surroundings. It is also another way outside of the camera of recording life and rendering it relative to other events. The respect is totally misplaced. It is I that am truly honoured every time you pass by. Thank you once again Glenwood, John

Atanu Ghosh
Another great work of art from you, John. Thanks for sharing.

Sweid Sideris
Sensuality, strenght of character, danger, such a mix of feelings are transmitted by her perfect body and unforgettable face. Technically flawless, wise BW choice and framing. BTW, the icons behind her are adding some of mystical mistery to the composition, perhaps a new Da Vinci Code saga is starting here... ;-D)

John Peri
Carlos and the others .. Thank you ... it has flaws, but it may be an interesting moment captured.

Sky Blue
This model provided you with a truly appealing photograph. Very nice appearance and tone. Good work. ~Sky

Tanya Truong
John... i agree with you about the tittle for this photo :o). I really like the context of the photo, it makes me laugh. She's amazingly beautiful at every angle that you have captured her. Fantastic John ;o).

Glenwood Sherry
Bien Joue' John, A very impressive image, one of my favorites of yours, yet I hesitate to call it a photograph. I feel that I am looking at a frame from a Chabrol or a Malle film, or maybe a stage production featuring Sagnier; there is a prequel to this frame, and a continuation of the story line that this frame only hints at. And then it hits me why this image, and say ZT131 and ZT147, works, and ZT148 seems stiff and uninspired: You are not a photographer! Let me explain: Photographers worry about composition; lighting and exposure; and tones and balance. You have a rather cavalier attitude to these typical concerns of most photographers; if an object intrudes into a scene, or there is a hot spot, then, oh well, "fix it in post". And most photographers approach their models as though a marionette with loose strings, to be controled and manipulated. Technique is King! No, you are none of these. You are, instead, a director, or maybe a choreographer, and your subject is no model, but an actress, in a role that is, in fact, her life story. You create a setting, and put in motion the circumstances of her life; you stand back, and record the story as it unfolds. And if your actress will put her faith in your hands, and trust your instincts, then a truly indelible image will be the reward. But it will not be a photograph. It will be so much more. With deepest respect, Glenwood

Sorin Vidis
But teh existence of it does...she seems like beeing ashamed or smtng...trying to hide her nudity...( or sin) from the All Mighty's "window".... Best regards Drop by...

John Peri
Thank you Alon. Behind there is an Icon, but the content has no baring on the photo ...

Jim Phelps
John, There is a certain tension in this photo that makes it work. It does appear to be a frame from a larger work, I keep asking the question "What next?". Very good!

pepe alias boulette
very fine....

John Peri
Serenity .. is in body and mind ..

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