photographer's approach...

by yohan musin

photographers approach jakarta photoshop cs nikon yohan musin

Gallery: My Infra Red

Tags: jakarta photographers approach photoshop cs 2 nikon d50 nikkor 18-200mm 35-56 vr dx af-s ed seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Saturday 5th of May 2007 06:40:40 AM


Xenomer C.
Stunning! Very original, new approach and the result: A beautiful photo!

Jeffery Beach
Excellent work! Expressionism at its best.

Wayne Willis
brilliant - i am speechless

Airi Pung
Nice manipulation!! Best regards, Airi

willy setiadi

Bora Benic
7/7.Best photograph. Congratulation.BoraBenic

John Falkenstine
I like the image, the composition and exposure quality; but those colors are just not needed. Its overdone.

rochette hugues
moustacke the traitment of this picture is exceptional. very well done.

Keith Pena
Classic! 7/7 for a few reason's; (1) the hand colored painted effect is superb (2) the capture and composition of a unique moment is classic (3) the position and expression of each and every character in the image could not be more perfect...telling a story as though planned and rendered by an artist brush. Somebody already said it, but I'll repeat; truly a masterpiece! I could understand this one being in a gallery. Thanks for sharing.

Pete Magnuson
I like the tones.

Ivan Pattiasina
Luar biasa, 7/7 I like the composition, i like it's tone, i like all the elements of this picture. Congratulation Boss. Ivan

Andi Santoso

Darius Tulbure
Browsing the first two pages of the TRP I was literally on the verge of throwing up. Lucky me I found this. This is a very unusual photograph. But beyond the special effects, I really like the way you caught their expressions. Looks like a candid shot. Did you use a telephoto?

Patrick Jacobson
Fantastic shot. All the different poses/expressions.. and ofcourse the special tones (ir) and composition. Amazing! 7/7 Regards, Patrick

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Jakarta's Sunda Kepala (is that correct?)...? Fantastic! Excellent PS work!

Taher Jarrahzadeh
7/7 Excellent ! Just wonderful, all the best. Great work.

Johannes Go
Awesome smart execution and amazing tone, one of masterpiece.

Rarindra Prakarsa
BAGUS Om Musin euy...... warnanya unik banget. Paduan yg manis and classic.

musin yohan
Infra Red @Rob Wray : yes, this is an IR pict...I don't use any normal IR-Filter, I let my Camera modified to an IR-Camera by an expert. Somehow he took out the hot mirror and replace it with certain filter inside....

Robert Mullner
Superb shot...yes, I too could not stop looking at it wondering what the!! is this a photo?..I love the tones...very original. 7/7 for originality..great work..rgs, Rob.

Jef Van den Houte
As the other one, creative and original

Rob Wray
Musin I take you have used a IR filter if so which one? I think the effects are excellent...... Rob

Stephen Fenech
I honestly believe that this is a masterpiece - it appears to be a combination of a painting and a photograph. Apart from its 'different' colours, sharpness and detail, its composition further enhances this shot. The way in which the 'photographer' is captured facing his subjects is simply awesome.

Kim Allsebrook
Beautiful work... well done... Kim :o)

Nick Cagouras
Nice approach ! Best regards ! Nick.

Mujahid Awais
E X C E L L E N T Beautiful Photo Painting.

James E Pelealu
memang top... udah penah liat dulu di fn, tapi pingin liat lagi... salute, best regards!

Li Po
This is a MASTERPIECE.I really like the expression of these people at the moment you captured.Bravo 7/7

Shea Riggenbach
I don't usually like IR but I like this. Mostly I like the way you captured the motion and moment. The composition is also great.

Yannik Hay
Hi Musin, I hope you remember me :) Yan Hay. This is a great image and story teller. Very well done, each character are telling something. Just like in a book. Ist this yourself with the camera and took this with a delay shutter or it is one of your friends? I like your ir colour images. very well done as always. The sailboats and their position look like they are coming onto them. Very well done! Cheers!

peter KreDosy
eigentlich, dies ist eine interesannte Reportage - Schnapschuss und dies wird besser ohne Farb - Bearbeitung... also - natürliche Aufnahme! oder vielleicht in SW?? auch gut!

musin yohan
photographer's approach... thx for clicking...

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