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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 4th of May 2007 11:10:37 AM


Massimo Santoni
nice colors and soft atmosphere. Wonderful look... great complicity with your models!

Pat Merz
Weird pose. (that's my first reaction) A nude with a "twist", so to speak.

Sorin Vidis
That is so beyond glamour.....a little fetish...excellent skin tones....some burnt areas....god what a feline....forget about the overexposures.... Best regards Drop by...

Mark J
Soft, yet with great detail. Nice capture, as always.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful work, John. Regards. Alberto

pepe alias boulette

Jim Phelps
John, It is in the look and she has it in spades!

Stephen Solomon
Abstract Her form is very fluid and abstract. The look on her face brings her back into reality. For the sake of simplicity, I would have placed the model further away from the wall and the conduit so that she is centered amid the floor boards and only the floor would be seen as background in order to strengthen her attachment to the viewer, however, her gaze is quite magical. I would do that just to set her and her abstraction in it's own realm. I like that she is looking back in toward the center of the frame. The exposure and color is good. Her legs appear a bit distorted but that may just be from the focal length of your lens. A very intriguing position. Looks do-able and yet, not un-comfortable. Is she related to Gumby? Just kidding! She is lovely and must be fun to work with! Steve

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Another very fresh and provocative composition, John. Nice pose, and the eyes are really talking. Very well done.

John Larson
Flexible Beautiful model, interesting pose, nice soothing colors and lighting.

Ian Verve
lovely seems to have a blueish tint to it, like that alot and pose and view are great

Al Li
I like the way she looks up at you, beautuiful.

Umair Ghani
artistic!!! regards!

John Peri
How right you are, thank you. I'll clone it out on the original..

Atanu Ghosh
wonderful work, John...but the reflections on the floor (top end of the frame) is a bit distracting

Dan Stefan
So delicate , erotic feeling . Well done.

Michael Meneklis
Well comeback with the blue tones. I like very much this series. This capture is one more aesthetic plesure. Bravo John.

Alon Eshel
The way she looks at the camera , Her posing , The black stockings . All so Beautiful

David McCracken
Humour... As someone once said to Chic Murray, "Did you fall?" "No! I am just trying to break a bar of chocolate in my back pocket." was his reply. Since there is no back pocket, I would guess you are trying to make it look like she fell. Certainly her smile shows she sees the funny side. Good one John!

Void Moon Rising
Rugs & such This is an outstanding shot, and I agree it is made by the model and her look, her pose, the choice of stockings. I could see this shot done with a different background, though. This same model, same pose, makeup and stockings, but maybe by the classic Playboy "Bearskin Rug by the Fireplace" of the 1960's? I could also see her on a white bearskin rug with an accent or two, such as a rose. Somewhow, this model, in this pose, reminds me a bit of Dita.

John Peri
It's in the look .. final print prepared by model

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