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marielaure seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Thursday 3rd of May 2007 11:20:59 PM


Fred G
Bravo, Matt. You've captured beauty and a bit of shyness (at least my reading of her look). This shot is quite nicely lit with a lovely background creating just the right mood and tone. You've gotten a real moment here, a sort of blush with also a wonderful gesture of the hand. What especially appeals to me is that you seem to have captured a private, and also very tender and sweet, moment. Congrats.

Jan Piller
I like this Beautiful smile and pose!

Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Fred. This is pretty heavily photoshopped, and Marie is one of the strongest, least shy woman I know, but what I like about this photo is the same thing you see, so I guess it worked.

Howard Nowlan
howard nowlan Really nice candid shot.

Matt Rosemier
Marie thanks for ratings/comments

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