Toronto City Hall

by Alward Heider

toronto city hall toshiba compact flash cf gb can alward heider

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Tags: toronto city hall toshiba compact flash cf 4 gb canon ef 18-5535-56 -hoya cir-polarizer 58mm canon eos digital rebel xt 350d seeking critique

Category: Architecture

Published: Thursday 3rd of May 2007 08:49:21 AM


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Wow Futuristic atmosphere, interesting and arousing architecture. Myself is a great enthusiast of architecture especially of modern architecture, i even tried to apply into architecture faculty, without success... Anyway, good post processing, great photo!

Ekaterina Oniani
Wonderful! 7/7

Vassilis Margelis
Very nice composition. Very well tone mapped HDR image. Regards Vassilis.

Bruegel Kuiseb
... fine & fine... you get a better "clothe" to this building than I remember it is. Hi

Juan Carlos Bretschneider
Great job, both on the composition and the post processing; it looks like a magnificent pencil sketch. Congratulations!

great a very dramatic shot. it draws the viewer right into the scene and let him feel a surrealistic and dreamlike atmosphere. i like it very much.

Gianni Candido
Hi keep up the good work ! Gianni Candido

Leo Burkey
Hayder This seems to have a HDR quality to it but what ever it is it is very effective. Well done!

Federico D'Isep
Toronto City Hall I like this beautiful image: is well composed and tones and lighting are very nice. Post production processing works well too. Regards.

Kimmo Tukiainen
HDR? If yes, very nicely controlled and balanced tones :)

Bob Sandford
solidly composed and post-processing fits subject quite well. interesting how it suggests a former vision of our future - like a dream of what could be.

Heider Alward
Toronto City Hall All comments are welcomed, thanks.

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