by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Gallery: The Kids III

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Category: Family

Published: Wednesday 2nd of May 2007 02:06:11 PM


bruce baycroft
Very nice, almost looks monochrome but becoming color as the sun rises.

Atanu Ghosh
A superb shot. I have seen similar shots in your portfolio. How do you get this kind of it natural or you have some techniques. I am also interested to know what storage you you use slide films or only the normal digital chip?

Kerry Harrison
Rarindra, I am one of your biggest fans. How do you get the perfect atmospheric effect? Your work is fantastic and a joy. Just lovely. Cheers!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
beatiful shot, congratulations

Daniel Henrik Hogal
for art I can tuch the feeling of peace.. beauty thanks this feeling

Ruud Albers
Beautiful work, Rarindra! Best regards, Ruud.

Ian Flindt
I can't remember where I've seen this before, but seeing it again doesn't weaken its impact. It is an astonishing image.

ivana kusman
great image!

Massimo Santoni
great atmosphere, colors, and harmonious composition.

Mari R
Beautiful, Rarindra, very artistic!

Noor Hazmee
Great stuff Hi Rarindra, I am avid fan of your work. Really beautiful. All of them. I've been to Semarang, Indonesia, just once and I must say yes there are tonnes of things to shoot. Hope to see more of your wonderful work. Cheers!

Rarindra Prakarsa
serphant Tank you. You are so nice.

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