ATHENS OLYMPIC SPORTS COMPLEX (OAKA) - Architect Santiago CALATRAVA - The Agora, a curving promenade of 99 tubular steel arches.

by Lefteriotis Marios

athens olympic sports complex oaka architect san seeking critique lefteriotis marios

Gallery: Photos of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

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Published: Tuesday 1st of May 2007 08:16:08 PM


Marios Lefteriotis
You got it ! Fred, thank you because you got my idea of photos backstories, which I want to convey to everybody interested in. You made a slight effort and you discovered these beautiful things which are a part of yourself now. That's what I am trying to convey in philosophical forum, under the title "WHERE IS THE BACKSTORY".

Fred G
Marios, since I enjoyed reading your philosophical musings in the forum on "back stories," I thought I'd come experience your photos. This one stood out to me. At first glance, of course, the interesting and unique design caught my eye. What a construction! Then, of course, I choose to take it one step further and see that you have thoughtfully placed a gesturing human subject in the midst of man's structure. And then I go without to the natural blue sky. Suddenly I am struck by nature, man, and man's creations. A thoughtful and visual photograph, the best kind. --Fred

Marios Lefteriotis
ATHENS OLYMPIC SPORTS COMPLEX - The Agora, a curving promenade. Architect Santiago CALATRAVA This is the 2D (left eye) original flat picture of the 3D stereo color anaglyph photo that you can find in my photos gallery of this site. In order to enjoy the amazing 3D Stereo effect, you will need a pair of paper red-cyan glasses. These glasses can be easily and cheaply obtained from all major video rental stores or Email me to send you glasses for free. For more about 3D photography, refer to my biography and visit my site You are invited to ask any question about 3D technology and enjoy amazing 3D stereo photos of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Rating and comments are appreciated.

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