Tired in the subway

by Dupin Eric

tired in the subway seeking critique dupin eric

Gallery: Urban

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Street

Published: Tuesday 1st of May 2007 07:17:55 PM


Peter Lyons
Very nice! Did he know you were photographing?

Eric Dupin
Thank you Jonathan and Peter. No, this man did'nt know I was taking a picture. I'm confused... In addition to my marvelous but noisy DSLR Nikon 200, I bought a little expert compact camera (Canon G7) and try to take "candid" pictures of people. In my opinion, it's not morally wrong if these people are not ridiculous. And, of course, I offer a big poster to this couple if he contact me !

Jonathan Torres
Awesome photo, excellent perspective, and the expressions tell it all. Superb!!

Peter Lyons
I don't think there's anything wrong with it either.

Karina Brys
They look really lovely in it, so I don't think they would mind.

Eric Dupin
I liked... ... the mutual attitudes.

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