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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Yasir Nisar
Like all of your works, a stunning and well composed work. the lighting and the pose is beautiful

John Peri
Thank you Michael. I mentioned previously the seemingly young age of the model, because people take this up sometimes and start writing offensive letters to me, as happened in the last couple of days. I almost never personalize my postings, but I will add that this "young lady" is over 30 years old and has two children. Many thanks for passing by ...

John Peri
Thank you very much for this critique Glenwood. Undoubtedly, you are right. Whereas I very much appreciate the personality of all of my models, I may have cheated her of hers on this occasion by focussing on a momentary glimpse of a more distant past that we all search for in our quest to find again the innocence of our youth. I don't think I posed her (I don't really do that), so much as to rob her of a moment in which her expression reflected this impression that fixed in my mind. The young lady that we see in this picture is beautiful and inciting, but it's not really her and you must have sensed that.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful John, this model is so lovely and sexy, excellent work as always. Alberto

Michael Meneklis
Temptation... I new star is borned from the lens of John. Mysterious, beautiful, sensual, baby-look,very-very attractive and respectful. You are using the right light, exposure and composition to make once again the BIG difference. Bravo to both of you John.

Michael Meneklis
It's ok John. Thanks for your comment. You are much more experienced than me.The model represents the creation of the artist and not her self. So I mean the style and not her age that I cannot know. So who ever makes such kind of comments is just an hypocrite or narrow mind . But I chanced it because I respect YOU. Friendly Michael.

Richard Deng
A most alluring gaze.

John Peri
Thank you Michael, Of course one can almost never tell the age from a picture, but some people pretend they are able to, and the problem is that they influence others that are of good faith. Again, thank you very much for your support.

Glenwood Sherry
Almost... John, Great image, from a tech standpoint, but not one of your more memorable images, as it seems too, well, posed, for want of a better word. It is a bit self-conscious, a bit too mannered. She needs to to be more relaxed, and oblivious to the camera. I like this lady; there is a contained energy about her; intelligent and a handfull, yet, in the eyes, a "been there, done that..." quality. The comment about the age is interesting; no young woman could reveal so much, for you have to have lived, loved and lost in order to truly find your place as a muse. She brings a deepening fire to your work; she has that rare ability to be erotic without being nude, and to be feminine without giving up any strength. As always, respectfully, Glenwood

Mark J
tones A great black and white. I love the hair in the face...

Jim Phelps
John, She appears to me to be reacting to the camera/photographer as an exhibitionist, this is not nearly as eveident in most of your other work. This gives the foto a different "feel". It's not bad, it's just different, and still very good. Jim Phelps

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