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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 27th of April 2007 01:19:27 PM


John Peri
Thanks Kaushik, an interesting comment. I thought of asking her to remove it at one moment, but then it's her and so if she chose it, it's a part of her personality. One's character envelops around the props that one feels at ease with ..

A.K. Sircar
Michael is not exggerating.Excellent portrait,John.Exposure,light,DOF and tone are superb.

John Peri
Glenwood, thank you. You are never long winded. I weigh every word of your critiques and would enjoy them just as much if they were more often negative! I think you captured well the essence of the message here ... you are indeed very perceptive, but maybe you just missed out though in that twinkle in the eye ... :-) ... I wonder who the last word belongs to, most often her I imagine.

John Peri
Mario, Sorin, Brad, thank you. I love a personality that questions us and herself at the same time also ....

Sorin Vidis
I really do like the soft light....and the greys...a complex personallity indeed and you've mastered the way to reveal it.... Best regerds Drop by...

Glenwood Sherry
Oh, my God...! John, Absolutely incredible; what an amazing portrait. I know that I tend to be a "little" long-winded, but let me say this: I would own this image, and would proudly hang it on my wall. I have stared at her for two days, and her power continues to grow. Intelligent. Wounded. Aloof. Committed. A survivor. And proud of that badge. I regret that I can only give it a 7/7. I remain, in awe and respectfully, Glenwood

Michael Meneklis
Exceeelent... I am studying your last 2 uploads a couple of days and especially this one. I open the light, I close the light. I am waiting for the sun rise to see it. I come back to see it with full light. Finally I have the same strong feeling in every light condition. It is not her, though see is a very beautiful girl nor her excellent pose. Maybe not even your perfect synthesis and exposure. It's the way you use the light that gives a 3D feeling and much more to the image. You use the light ine a very creative and magical way that makes feel I will touch her. Kaushik is maybe right about the ring but in the other hand the ring has it's own volume coming out of the monitor surface. Her hand follows and then her nose and lips. Then I see her eyes hair and face and so on. I was waiting and waiting and wating. I was afraid to say what I feel because maybe somebody would say I am exaggerated . No John I am not, this is just masterpiece. Bravo.

Yoosef Majidi
--- Good light , good composition

John Peri
Thank you once again Gleenwood, I am sure that she will enjoy reading this. Thank you also for expressing once again your compassion towards others, it is such a rare quality today. You humble us all.

Glenwood Sherry
Humorous, but not frivolous... John, Within the gentle light of her eyes I see intelligence, of someone who has seen, at times, too much, but who has come into the light stronger for the passage. This is not a giddy young woman; neither is she a vapid mannequin. She will challange you; she will make you laugh; but the laughter will come from experience. She is a survivor. And as one who is married to a three time cancer survivor, and who works with, and shoots, other survivors, that is praise indeed. A remarkable woman. An even more remarkable image. Yours, with deepest respect, Glenwood

HaBBL Dmitry

This portrait is very "strong" Great shoot! Beautiful!

Brad Kim
Excellent work, John! The subject looks very complex and sensitive indeed.... I like this work very much!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent. Awesome light and the expression of the model. Tonal effect and the mood perfect, just the ring in the finger. . . a bit distracting to me. Best Rgds.

Philippe Garcia
beautiful portrait, very natural. i love the nice light on the model and the dark background... but there is a little bit of photoshop mistake on the top left corner isn't it ? ;-) i would love to be a lucky strike filter sometimes.

John Peri
Portrait A straightforward portrait of a highly complex and sensitive young woman ...

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