"Bubble City"

by Tsoi Wilson

bubble city seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 26th of April 2007 11:39:31 PM


Ken Beilman
Wilson, Another awesome cityscape of Chicago. Your architectural photographic prowess and mastery of reflections continue to amaze me. Well done!

Stuart Williams
wilson another great job!

Ian Hayhurst
Wilson, I love the juxtaposition of the rigid geometry of the background building with the extreme and imperfect distortion of the reflection. This on it's own would be interesting but combined with the warm light on the cityscape make for an excellent shot, Could you arrange for a little human drama to be played out in an almost insignificant manner on the pavement of the immediate foreground next time please ? ;-) Cheers Ian

Ruud Albers
Really beautiful work, Wilson! Best regards, Ruud.

First Last
i like the photo, like the angle the whole composition, but how can i rate originality if i seen bunch of photos alike

Ceylan Atuk

Sally Delacruz
It is so sharp and you must have that circular lense.

alice cellamar
Know it doesn't mean so much but.. it's one of the ever-decreasing images that make me wonder "How did he get the idea?" and .. hehehe .. "I wouldn't have thought of this".. :) That's why you're a professional and I'm not! Hehehe.. but someday you'll rate my photos! If it happens it'll be grate pride for me.. like know I hope you're proud of this.. oh what a mess! Your shot's effect, your fault!

Wilson Tsoi
"Bubble City" Well, it wasn't windy that morning, so Bubble City will have to do.

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