Pond at Dusk 2002 (Please view as "Larger")

by Kelly Landrum

pond at dusk please view as larger seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: Shot in the Dark

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Thursday 26th of April 2007 03:59:30 AM


Kenrick Rampial
Beautiful work Lannie. It looks like a painting.

antino cervigni
Very nice picture. Best regards Antino

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Andrew. I used this one (sized to 800x600) on the opening page of my personal website to imply depth. --Lannie

Henri Manguy
Nice composition, beautiful shapes and colours. Perhaps is it a bit too dark.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Antino and Henri. Henri, I have dozens of treatments of this pond. This one I processed dark and with high contrast in order to give a somewhat "deeper" look, although it can also be interpreted as a more threatening look: a few miles behind the trees is the infamous Savannah River Site, with its numerous reactors and nuclear waste dumps. Here is another high contrast shot made from the same location seconds earlier or later: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5227413 --Lannie

Kenneth Fugate
Outstanding! Excellent light, beautiful sky well done my friend!

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Kenrick and Jan. I appreciate your comments. --Lannie

Tyler Wind
Lannie--You have captured some very interesting moods and effects in this shot with the symmetry and reflections. I really like the uniqueness of this photo. Hope you are doing well--keep up the great work!

Jan Piller
Lannie I sure do think your pond at dusk is one of the prettiests ponds I have seen! And that sky! Wow!

Andrew Daspin
Lannie: very pretty shot. It definitely has a painting like look.

Mike Marcotte
Lannie, In my opinion that's a very nice composition. I don't think it's too dark. It actually reminds me a little of an impressionist painting. Nice work I think.

Pnina Evental
Hi Lannie, there is something really mysterious in that composition, the dark line of the trees, the lighted sky reflected in what YOU say is a pond..., I think that it is exactly the time for the fairies to gather for the dance! nice image.

Pierre Dumas
Wonderful, dramatic, mysterious, attractive... ...all in the same time! Beautiful subdued (heavily) colors! And most attractive! Landrum, long time no see! May I have the honor to invite you on the celebration of my first anniversary?! http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5455489&size=lg Tuxedo isn't obligatory! Thank you in advance for coming! PDE

Landrum Kelly
Ken, I wanted to be there in case a nuke went off in the Savannah River Site a few miles away, but no mushroom clouds were in evidence that day. Tyler and Mike, thanks for your comments. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Pond at Dusk Thanks for viewing and commenting.


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