Spring, Williamston Park

by Kelly Landrum

spring williamston park seeking critique kelly landrum

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Category: Abstract

Published: Thursday 26th of April 2007 03:51:46 AM


Pnina Evental
Thanks Lannie, funny that it was done by a human being, but it looks so natural probabaly because of the water....

Johannes Kapp
nice composition!

Pnina Evental
Lannie, interesting formation of rocks. The round one, well shaped as a around form vs. the flat striated rocks around. The water is adding a nice "glow" to the otherwise gray rocks and accentuating the texstures, well exposed and composed. Where is Williamstone Park located Lannie?

Landrum Kelly
Pnina, this is all made of concrete (cement, sand, rocks) in a small park in a small town in South Caroina--not a particularly interesting place, but I found a bit of charm in this little natural fountain that they have surrounded with concrete (as in a a sidewalk, as can be seen in the foreground). It has footprints and all from some rather sloppy workmanship, but the water is pure and drinkable and is probably an artesian well formed by water coming from the mountains far to the northwest. This is a color photo, by the way. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Johannes. --Lannie

Rosa Stephens
Isn't it a wonderful feeling to find beauty in a place where no one else does? Good picture:)

Dennis Jones
Good eye Lannie....

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Dennis. I like the way the water is brimful but barely spilling over. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Rosa. I like ordinary things that give extraordinary effects at times. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Spring, Williamston Park Thanks for viewing and commenting.


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