Zt 135

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 25th of April 2007 06:44:16 PM


Philippe Carly
Very Newtonesque and I mean it as a compliment :-))

Marcin Malczak
John ! as always excellent and as always pretty to watch .....it gets little bit boring to watch superb images all the time ....

pepe alias boulette
excellent - as usual...

Ionita Razvan
In my oppinion the door behind ... has to be opened, because right now seems to grow from here had that door.... With respect Razvan Ionita.

Kenrick Rampial
I like this John. A bit raw but also with nice symmetry and feel. The lighting and tones are great. Might also be interesting with the model looking forward and both hands in front.

John Peri
Ha .. I don't know, but the continuity would possibly add to the intrigue ... who is arriving, where from, why ..

Jef Leyssens
wouldn't open doors be a little over-freudian? i like the symmetry and tones. j.

Alberto Quintal
Original, perfectB&w, super tones and exposure. Rgards, John. Alberto

Michael Meneklis
I am very tired of fake nudes-artists that's why I like John.

John Peri
Thanks, I like the idea of an open door .. I'll try it next time ..

David McCracken
In agreement... The open door idea might also distract from the fact that you seem to be living on a slope. Fake fur I hope!

Alessandro Della Casa
Gorgeous lady and beautiful location...

John Peri
Untitled .

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