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Published: Wednesday 25th of April 2007 05:59:43 PM


Umair Ghani
when it comes to tonal quality of an urban nude, Peri has no match. this one's perfect. great techinical & aesthetic content. pity that PN rating system doesn't allow high rating here. but it speaks for itself. regards!

John Peri
No problem Jack, we can't all identify with the same things.

James Wheeler
I like many of your other images but not this one. This just seems to be "about" a model who's very inappropriately attired for a public space. So what? Just because it's naughty doesn't make it visually interesting, at least not to me. The pose is clumsy (left leg particularly), the garments distracting, and the subject takes up too little of the frame.

Jonathan Farmer
John, To me this is not one of your better images, having said that, I will say that your nude images show and give a mood that I have seen in no other work; all your models have a look of natural seductive beauty that is captured in good taste; to achieve this as a photographer is your ability to be placed above and apart from many. In all your work there is a vibe of fun, boldness and beauty revealed seductively in good tast.

Gregory Tyson
The lack of underwear and the bra makes it a little confusing.

John Peri
Jim, it's the entrance to my apartment building with frequent passage which makes it a little tricky .... we were actually interrupted twice .. Lincoln, that is an interesting remark, thank you. I think the difficulty resides in getting something casual that looks authentic. Anything more striking, close up or whatever, may draw away from the matter of fact look of the situation. There was a little flash used, pointing the other way, otherwise we would probably get harsh shadows ...

John Peri
Daniel, it's a bit like asking me how to cook ! Ask me any specific questions and I'll certainly do my best to answer ....

John Peri
Actually, it's what I think the rating system signifies very largely, which is a quick evaluation. Someone more intertested in a photo, whether liking it or not, will more porbably make a comment. It's obviously more interesting to the author too.

Jim Hayes
This certainly takes the phrase, "honey I'm home" to a whole new level of motivation to actually get home. Your friend is of course stunning, and the locale seems to be an entry way which adds to the daring. To me it is a fun photo-story told by two masters. Thanks to both of you again. JH

Cristian N
1/1 Absolute nothing special!

Jack Aldridge
Sorry I've looked at this photo numerous times...I don't think it's up to your usual work. The model looks very strangely posed...in a way I believe is unbecoming her beauty...just my opinion...

John Peri
Thank you for your interesting comment. Ha ha .. I'm not very good with vertical lines I'm afraid !

Etienne Navarre
Very nice picture and model. I would like to see the vertical lines of the building kept true. I think the lean of the model would be much more striking. I love her stomach muscles in contrast to the texture and lay of the coat. A fully naked pose would have been better - shoes and coat alone would have been ideal. I don't like the rope under the railing (not your fault). Your tones are fantastic. I like this picture quite a lot. Thank you.

Rodolfo A.
Hi, I like your work Mr. Peri. Though, this one is not my favorite. Anyway, have you noticed that you uploaded this shot and just a few seconds after it had been uploaded, it had already about 9 ratings? I wonder how can someone appreciate and judge a picture in just 1 second ????? This has just happened to me! So I removed my picture "Dulcinea" from the Critique requests and will try later. Hoping some serious people will give comments and ratings.

Lincoln Westermann
I'm sort of a special-effect and surrealistic photographer, so to me this is not very catchy, like the lighting and clarity. It's catchy enough, though, and the model is wonderful and the composition is good, and it does tell a story and is original. It's definitely better than a picture of a naked woman in a room somewhere. Personally I would try to get closer in on her while still catching the scene, but then I don't get 7/7 photos so... It's a great photo. Although it doesn't catch my eye like something very flashy and catchy, it is a great image and well composed. Good job.

Andi Santoso
perfect.....great tone and composition.

John Peri
Thank you James. I'm delighted to get some negative comments. Personally, I like this one more than many other more predictable shots, but I more than sympathize that it can say nothing to many people. Interestingly, it is also one of my highest rated photos over the last weeks, so opinions obviously vary and that is a good thing, otherwise it would get very boring for everyone, me included. But do please give it a low rating, so as to make the total more representative. Cheers, John

Alberto Quintal
John 7/7 Original and perfect! Alberto

Michael Meneklis
The mid-dark grey tones are perfect. Of course her pose is very good but she is very skinny for my taste. Beautiful girl that feels happy to be captured by you.

Bill Kalmbach
Amature Comment John, After reviewing your posted works I feel somewhat inferior and way to green to comment but I will anyway. The longer one looks at this photograph the more you can see the details that makes you a great photographer. My eye was almost immediately drawn to her hips and the very awkward position I thought maybe lying back against the wall and railing in a more relaxed position may have worked better. But then again, your portfolio shows you are very good at what you do and maybe that would not have worked for what you were going for. I appreciate all your work. Please keep sharing with us all. I learn so much from watching how a real pro like you creates a picture Vs. someone like me who takes a lot of photos looking for a good picture.

John Peri
Bill, thanks I appreciate that, but I really do appreciate the negative comments just as much. What is interesting for a photographer is to discover what others seen in his work. Even if it's nothing, or it emits negative vibrations, that is interesting too ... Obviously, I did not "pose" the model, so any position that she took is her own and corresponds to the situation in which she finds herself. Personally, I find that it fits in well with the absurdity of her presence at the top of the staircase in her state of semi-undress. It's inviting yet reserved, provocative yet shy, she feels she should not be there (undoubtedly it was the case in reality too!) and yet she is determined to live out her intentions ... what they are and what she's thinking are the invitation offered to the viewer ... if one's imagination does not work that way, there is nothing to be done. .. however, if she was dressed and standing there looking bored, no one would have noticed ..... .. many thanks for passing by ........ .. yes, this is one of my favourite shots of the last few months and I think the model likes it too ... which sends out promises for our future collaboration .. we understand what the other is thinking ..

daniel parker
John, i admire you work greatly and would appreciate any advice you can give me, a photographer (well i hope to be) who is just starting out. i am reachable on daniel@hatched.co.za

John Peri
Waiting in the doorway .. for that special person

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