"A Slice of Chicago" (II)

by Tsoi Wilson

a slice of chicago ii seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 25th of April 2007 01:45:48 AM


katherine colfer
Award for most unique "bean" shot, although I am not sure the angled composition works for me in the end, you tried something different and therefore get the prize, but don't ask me what that might be.

John Seward
Wils, Love the angle on this one. It's another concept to try out, although I doubt if I'll have the same success.

Andrew Campbell
Another nice one. Really like it. Cheers!

Candance A Kagan
Nice photo, like the colors, and creative shot. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Dimitris Vasiliou
Very creative crop Very nice work altogether.

Masood Malikyar
Nice angle, concept, colors; and quite original. 7/7. Congrats Wilson.

Jason Lange
I love this picture! I never would have thought to wedge myself under there to take a shot like this. Great perspective and image--jason

David McCracken
Indeed! You have so many brilliant photographs that to say this is one of your best maybe doesn't hit home. However, this is one of your best!

Marc Krutiak
Very unique vision of a much photographed location. Wonderful work!

Kah Kit Yoong
Awesome piece of work. Apart from the amazing angle the blue glow at the edges of the slice makes the shot.

Ric Marder
Another stunner from one of my fave imagers here. Your compositions kill me Wilson.

James Kazan
I just love the the lines on this. Wow! way cool Daddy oh.

Richard Hans
Very nice visual angle, subtle tonal range, unique piece of cityscape art, Wilson!!! Best regards

Omkaar Kotedia

Tomaso Nigris
Very innovative and interesting view

Maria Hrabinska
Great idea, Wilson. Everything "works" here. I like especially how the colours are balanced.regards,maria

Christos Markou
Outstanding image! Well done!

Raymond Yeung
Very creative of you, Wilson. And pretty good result, too.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Slice of Chicago" (II) Wedged myself between the Bean and the ground to shoot this. Burned shadow area bit for detail. Your thoughts are welcome.

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