"One Sunny Day" ( view L A R G E R )

by Tsoi Wilson

one sunny day view l a r g e seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Travel

Published: Tuesday 24th of April 2007 12:10:46 AM


John Seward
Wilson, You keep showing me that photography is more than just pointing at something and tripping the shutter. It's all about comprehension of the scene and creating visual art. You're the best.

Ric Marder
hmmm, the crouching figure in the mirror lends a mysterious tone. Great timing and overall it's just too good.

Charles Johnson
Stunning detail. So much to take in parts while the whole remains completely coherent. I loved looking at this image. I especially like how so much emerging from the image is balanced by the stationary, or how the abstract is balanced by the concrete, which I attribute more to the composition than the incredible harmony in the exposure itself. Love it!

Lenart Senica
great use of wide angle!

Gary Sadler
Wilson Congratulations on a great image Wilson. Wonderfully interesting with the sweeping curves, strange reflections and cool tone. Wow!

Dave Dube
Way beyond a sunny day in Chicago, or anywhere. Very well done!

Frank Melchior
Amazing composition, maybe if your models were naked, you would have a higher rating. The way the bean fades out in the upper right and reflections of people are very cool. Awesome shadows that are twisted and turned, amazing. We need a "bean" down at the center.

Richard Hans
Wilson, you really makes different for seem subject with your incredible skill, feel refreshing!!! Best regards

Lee Jianmin
Wilson, You can always find something very interesting out from the city. Excellent angle view!!

Ken Beilman
Wilson A very creative image with your trademark superb reflection. Love the tones!

Scott Cromwell
I really like this, Wilson. I had to spend several minutes looking at it to take it all in....there's so much to see. Agreed, it must be viewed in large to fully appreciate it.

Pnina Evental
Wilson very well composed and post processed. Interesting round vs, straight lines. Many ellements to explore....

Daniella Puente
Great idea and result...you did very good!

Wilson Tsoi
"A Sunny Day" in Chicago Waiting for interesting folks to walk by the Bean . . . only "manipulation" is duotone conversion.

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