At a rally in support of the president of Romania...Basescu...

by Ursu Mihail

at a rally in support of the president romaniab seeking critique ursu mihail

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Published: Monday 23rd of April 2007 07:04:17 PM


Rob Millett
I'm not getting any sense of event or occasion here, and as someone who doesn't immediately recognise the man on the card there is nothing to indicate support or to enable me to think of a rally. Perhaps as one in a series where the other shots give more detail for the viewer it would sit better, but it would need to be seen alongside them in order to muster an emotional response. I hope that is helpful. Cheers, Rob

Mihail Ursu
thank you:) it is part of a series... but... there was no way to add more pictures...or present a series... here is a link to another photograph:

Pela Ioan-Tiberiu
Jenant !!! Aproape incredibil ce se poate intampla in tara asta !!!

Mihail Ursu
a rally in support of the president of Romania...basescu... i am trying to become good in the field of photojournalism...till now i've done mostly street... Please...I would Really apreaciate any coments here or any of my other photos. thank you for looking :)

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