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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 22nd of April 2007 08:19:53 PM


Michael Meneklis
Excellent work John, with nice light tones of grey and amazing composition. I like very much the color version also.

Conrado Maestro Carnero
john, John, John, me tienes loco con tus ni´┐Żas. Eres el maestro del desnudo. recibe mi mas sincera enhorabuena. un saludo atte contecon

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, John. Alberto

Jim Hayes
I think you have captured each other perfectly. Thanks so much for this share. JH

Fred Moore
vintage Look amazing in black and white John, very sexy, erotic,classic!

Neil Peters
Nice lines and tonal range. Very effiminent. The outside background looks 100 years away from her modern poise.

Jef Leyssens
i like the picture, but would put a little more contrast in it, john. or darken the inside walls a little more. greetings, j.

Glenwood Sherry
Magnificent. In color... John, Another remarkable image, but I'm afraid that I have to say that I prefer the color version. Don't get me wrong; in B&W the image is remarkable, even exordinary in its sense of being in the moment. But I find the tones a little flat. Small complaint, though. I would give up... well, something serious, in order to shoot such an image. But the color image I find more intriguing for the play and counterplay of the warm tones of the model's skin against the cool light falling through the window and on the building outside. This warm/cool contrast has been one of the key signatures of some of your very best work recently, and that trend continues here. One can almost feel the young woman enjoying whatever warmth the winter sun is providing, drifting off in her self-composed thoughts, ignoring all but the transcendent moment. Totally without guile or pretensions, she is exactly who she is, at this moment, and in this place. I rate her, the lighting, and your exordinary skill, a 7/7 for magnificence in concept; in execution; and in your sensitive respect to your model as woman. (Oh, and thanks for editing out the cord on the left of the color image when you did the B&W.) (And love the open window seat cabinet door.) With deepest respect, Glenwood

Tanya Truong
Stunning... in every aspect. What an exceptionally exotic model :o).

Sorin Vidis
Beside her beeing a real beauty....the Revelator ...as I decided to call you from now on...has "put into the frame" her elegant and vaguely shillouette ...standing in between two worlds... What I admire the most is that although, usually is a great achievment to induce through a photograph...a single character feature....as Balzac in his novels...you succede in creating such complex characters...with introspective antithesis.... I am still thinking about it... Best regards Drop by...

Bob Kurt

John Peri
Thank you Michael. Here it is, though I removed it from critique, believing the one at the top of this page to be more subtle and in line with what I intended. The advantage of black and white I feel is that you can more easily cross over from glamour to artistic nude.

Umair Ghani
wow!!!!! regards!

C. Daunis

Al Li
Stunning Truely one of your many bests... Love how you master the light both in and out, the model's pose and expression are exceptional. Beautifully done.

Massimo Santoni
7/7 Superb!! your portfolio is alwais a pleasure!

Philippe Garcia
John thats a beautiful pic but there is a little lack of contrast in my opinion, and too much depth of field. Your blonde model would be even more intense if the windows were a bit more blurry. She is amazing.

John Peri
Last cigarette .. kind of quieter in black and white

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