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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 20th of April 2007 01:36:04 AM


Sorin Vidis
Her state of abandonment....is what I like most...I'm in ur "hands" now seems to be saying... Where's yesterdays posting? Best regards Drop by..

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Rich and enchanting work, John. Very much appreciated.

Alec Ee
Stunning model. Absolutely gorgeous.

Ian Verve
great work lovely work, I love the angles you look for, they are pleasing to the eye or at least my eye and the dark wood and the light colored floor I can't wait to see more of this duo

Thomas Collins
John, Indeed you have found yourself a very lovely model. And if she is reading this, I hope she knows just how lucky she is to have likewise found such an outstanding photographer to work with! Now you will have to translate that to her native language! :-)

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, John. Alberto

Light& Shadow
I don't think this young lady can take a bad photo. Great capture.

Glenwood Sherry
Amazing; so simple, yet... John, A very beautiful portrait of a very beautiful young woman. The apparent simplicity of the shot belies the great skill that this type of shot takes to execute. It has been done before, but hardly ever this well. The lighting is near perfect, and the skin tones would make Renoir swoon. And your friend? What a willing partner in this artistic journey. She is totally relaxed and trusting in her demeaner and pose, with gentle, quiet eyes, and no reservation on her lips. She poses, but is no poser. A remarkable image; you both are to be congratulated. With deepest respect, Glenwood

Andrew Piotrowski
Very well done. I can feel a master behind the picture. Most nudes on photo.net are ordinary, this one is extraordinary.

John Peri
Thank you Andrew, the model will appreciate that too.

Michael Meneklis
Amazing and cool beauty.

John Peri
Thank you Kaur. You are right of course, one cannot re-create moments like these. One must try to capture them, but they are rare .. thank you for passing by. John

John Peri
Brief encounter Glenwood, thank you. it's just one of those moments that come on their own. It is admittedly helped on however by a trusting relationship in which emotions are laid bare ... sometimes quietly, sometimes with passion, but never with indifference. If you add the model's understanding and devotion to art, then the formula is complete. Unfortunately though, as I have found, it is not as easily reproducible as one might hope.

Kaur Lass
True art creates a discussion Truly good art always creates a discussion. Your way with words is also art John! ... and about picture: She is. It can be described with two words what I love best here. Rest (=technical side and coposition) is perfect, as typical for you. As you probably know, I love honesty in photos. Here you have it on both sides. You work best with what you can, and she is as she is. No glamour. No fancy stuff. Nothing false. Just honesty of a moment. One of your best pictures after a longwhile. But I am sure there will be more. I think you should not try to recreate that. You should stay in a moment. Focus on what you do, forget everything else and then we will see more art like this, as well as more honesty like this. Personaly I would love to see more close portrait, she has personality that is interesting and a face that tells a story. If she is willing to open herself for you, try it. I think she will have shots that she is amazed of. If you reveal those to us is already an another story.

Pierre Dumas
You must have meant passionated observer by voyeur?! Voyeur is a character with pathologically deformed sexuality! People who rather do the stuff than observe it in order to satisfy their sexual needs are not voyeurs and vice versa for the voyeurs! I enjoy looking at picture as this one because it shows some aesthetic, psychological and even ethic values I appreciate, I would also like to take pictures of this model and this kind, but it doesn't make a voyeur! Furthermore, I like this one much better than the other one I will comment because this one might show her sexuality, some kind of sexual appeal, but it is done in a sincere and natural way, unlike the other one where it is expressed in a distorted and dissolute, perverted way! And that kind of pictures are meant for perverted people, sexually and otherwise disturbed minds! The colors are fit here. Nice, very nice! PDE

John Peri
Thanks Thomas, I appreciate that. It does take two to tango though ... and when two and two make five, jackpot, that's the magic formula .. :-) ...it's just a simple portraiture, but she glows.

Alon Eshel
Very good portrait , such a beautiful gentle face . There is a wonderful gradient of brown colors ( dark table , Model and bright floor )

John Peri
My friend Pierre. Thank you for this interesting remark. I feel however that I must "redresser le tir" as the French say, or re-focus the debate onto the present context. This is a photo discussion group and not a meeting place for juvenile delinquents. First of all, I did not make that comment with respect to a "voyeur", nor did I say anything at all in fact, you misquote me. What I do on my front page is to "cite" the introduction to Helmut Newton's Autobiography. This is a metaphorical manner of speech and I do not believe that when he wrote this he believed that he was addressing himself to a population of perverts. It is likewise the case when you tell someone that he is killing you with laughter or splitting your sides in the process. Neither of these are true or meant to be understood as so. Anyone with a sense of humour will understand the statement in the context in which it is meant. Likewise, I presume that the majority of those reading Helmut Newton s book will relate to the context. Being one of a handful of photographers that have marked our generation, I believe Helmut's remark to have been written by someone who as you rightly say was passionate about the ever changing form of life and the ability to freeze it at any given moment in time. Since the subject matter treated here is women, it can be seized upon and be attributed a much more demeaning sense, which I do not believe was meant by the artist and most certainly not by myself on the rare occasions when I have cited him or used that word. It is interesting to me that you intend to compare this picture with another one that you feel in your opinion does not obey the criteria of good taste. This will therefore allow me to make my response in an impersonal manner without knowing as yet which image you have in mind. There are societies still today that will stone a woman for revealing an ankle of some of her hair in public. Our appreciation of what is of good taste is therefore very subjective. If I have indeed posted an image in my portfolio, then I myself convinced that I have not crossed over the boundaries of good taste. I would like to believe that the overwhelming majority of members of PN will agree with me, since I have almost never received a remark to the contrary. I mean no disrespect for someone else's opinion. I just mean once again that art and its appreciation are very subjective. In this respect, I often say that a critique reveals as much about himself as the artwork that he is discussing. I enjoyed your comment and appreciate the candour in which it is written. I hope that you will likewise share in my response which is written with equal frankness and sincerity to yours. Presumably, both are equally acceptable.

John Peri
Portrait of a friend .

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