nice hooters

by Baker Joe

nice hooters seeking critique baker joe

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Published: Tuesday 17th of April 2007 11:19:30 PM


Jack Floyd
Amy, Amy, Amy, we're guys, we're uncomplicated Joe, nice hooters, nice shot, nice humor, wierd PS

Barry Carlton
Actually, I love the title and the rather cynical comment. It's good to see someone with a sense of humor about nude photography.

Joe Baker
the two reasons i took this photo; she was willing and she has really nice hooters. I,am a primal man,i eat meat and i love nice,s not artistic it,s primal.

Harold Rife
By golly, I think you have it! BUT! have ruined it by creating some ART! :)

Amy Rich
LOL...okay you guys are cracking me up! Forgive me for thinking that you may have been doing something for art's sake. For a moment I must have forgotten that you are a man. amy

Joe Baker
4.50 for originality; finally i get an honest rateing; i should get a 7 for honesty in nude photography.

Amy Rich
I do not usually comment on nudes but I must say that I do like what the effect you have achieved with this photograph. My only suggestion would be to change the title. It is a funny title but it tends to make a joke out of the photo which is actually quite nice. amy

Joe Baker
nice hooters my attempt to get down to the heart of nude photography

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