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Published: Sunday 15th of April 2007 05:11:37 PM


Kaushik Chatterjee
Its all about seccess. . , "You have to have her naked to have that glamorous success you have!" . . . . . Just funny.

You know John 'Success is relative, the more success the more relatives." So you may have few relatives who will comment in other way. After all its all about Success. Have a good day.

John Peri
Les, thank you, I hadn't noticed that. It's of my doing, probably the flash .. I'll cure it before the print. Many thanks. Bob thank you also. A mediocre photo, I was just captivated by her charm.

John Peri
Just trying out our few tests on our first shoot ..

Janusz Taras
Magnificent portrait.Beautiful model.Great light.7/7

Alon Eshel
She is so sweet , Such a lovely smile . Beautiful portrait

John Peri
No problem Kaushik, thanks !

Glenwood Sherry
Charming John, A very charming portrait of a beautiful young woman. I have to disagree with the one reviewer ("Marquis de Sade"? Is he kidding?); some of your sexiest photos have nothing to do with nudity (re: Zt82), and you often use nudity in a non-sexual, humorous way (re: Ze450). Plus, you never approach your models (collaborators?) as objects, but as intelligent individuals with personality. I think that his soap box is missing a few screws. With respect, Glenwood

Alec Ee
Gorgeous, love her look.

Sorin Vidis
Wonderful smile...and such a cheerful state of mind is able to transmit....yet the second one shows a different side of the models personality...sensual and detacched... John ... the Revelator

Les Berkley
Lovely expression and skin tone. Excellent pose of the hands, and use of the chair(?). There is a slight meger of the hair and the background, and I don't like the bit of shadow under her arm. You do get some quality interaction with your models; well-done.

Bill Cooper
Pleasant Pleasant smile and pleasant face. I wish that the color of the eyes was more apparent. Nice earth tone background. Focus seems a little soft. Nice photo. Bob

John Peri
Thank you Glenwood, I appreciate that.

Tanya Truong
A sweet charm... A face that we are looking forward to see more. Warm regards, Tanya

Michael Meneklis
All times classic John... Once upon a time I was a teen, in the early to middle sixties, and I was collecting photos of pin-up girls and celebrities. She reminds me this period with two exceptions. She is not a pin-up girl and the quality of the photo is amazing.

Juan Carlos Vindas
Now I understand why everybody wants to see your work, great job, that's it. I wish some day I will be taking good shots just like you.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, great smile,colors and pose, John. Alberto

John Peri
How sweet Michael, thank you. Maybe some of my photography is also a quest to capture some of the past ...

John Peri
I don't understand my friend. Are you criticising me or my picture? The part of your critique that concerns this photo is just fine, thank you, but why the comment that accompanies it. If you don't like my works preferably don't look at them or say why, accompanied by a 3. Otherwise, why spoil the fun for me, the model and the others?

A.K. Sircar
Very good portrait,John.Exposure,light and cropping are very good.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .

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