by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled farmer vllage moslem islam java canon eos rebel xt prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The kids

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Published: Friday 13th of April 2007 08:00:28 AM


Akio Sanabria
Daer Rarindra Bogdan Gavrus is right, how do you do it....Anyway your pieces are amazing!

Thomas Schnaider
Excellent. Amazing light.

Pawel Malicki
Swiatlo Wspaniale swiatlo. Dzienki temu fotografia ta jest znakomita.

Bogdan Gavrus
how do you obtain such images? can you share with us some of your secrets? i've seen your photos and they are amazing, what filters do you use? do you use photoshop? I will be very happy if you will share just a little bit, thank you Bogdan Gavrus

Ali Soltani Farani
Wonderful! Beautiful light as always.

Geoff Odell
what great lighting What a scene to stumble upon. Breathtaking lighting. Blessings, Rarindra.

Mario Lopez
It is a really jewel!We only need to see and enjoy it!.Well seen and done.Best regards

Richard Karas
RARINDRA Very etereal, mystical image. Love your work and your imagery. You indeed live in a exceptionally photographic land. congrats, rek.

Jim Hoffman
Fantastic light and atmosphere! Baik!

John Denny Amiga
Que belleza Los colores son ermosos, las historias la luz, que padre. (Give this person a gift subscription)

antino cervigni
Excellent shot!!! 7/7 Regards Antino

Timothy Hicks
Nothing short of remarkable Rarindra; although it looks like studio controlled lighting, it's a wonderful capture particularly the leaves filled with light. Your models look very candid, in fact, all the elements in this narrative contribute beautifully to the whole. Regards! Tim

Giovanni Cantone
simply excellent!!

ivana kusman
beautiful shot

Javed Chawla
Wounderful vibrant and amazing light,I love your work ,regards

Sorin Vidis
Perfectly balanced comp with vivid sharp colours.Subject very well captured too.. Regards

Zulfikar Tanjung
RDP-Banget I know this lighting is your id for most of your pictures. I love lighting like this. Amazing.... Luar Biasa bung... Zul

Pansa Sunavee

Ines Lojna Funtak
wow I have been watching Your photos for some time. They are really amazing!!!!

Kevin Temple
pity it was staged

Ankur Thatai
Great Picture with wonderfull light....Light is quit harsh but effect is good

Sharad G.
Wow. 100/100. Regards Sharad.

Ema Popa
Great photo, great portfolio! We are still expecting you illuminate us, if you don't mind. You work is really great!

Roy Ragsdill
Rarindra, either you are the diety of light or know how to cause him to do your bidding. - Roy

Carlos Alberto Porto
My Fav My Fav for shure, great composition DOF, colors, theme, it is like a Nice Dream, congratulation,you are a very good photographer.

Sergio de los Reyes
Excellent! This is a real good picture...

Olivier Monteyne
The picture everyone likes to take. Full marks from Belgium

Daniel Hristescu
Fantastic you use the colors , lights and shadows in your composition .Dan .

Andy Orozco
your imagery is absolutely amazing! The colors and brilliance you bring to this picture is very wonderful

Kombizz Kashani
An excellent capture with amazing light.

Raymond Elstad

Saleem Khawar

Umpaporn Sathanphop
Beautiful light.

sandeep dhawale

hi, I am Sandeep Dhawale

i have seen your each and every pictures

and its really touching to defth of heart and make fresh the old memorries which one belongs to my past life. thank you


Rarindra Prakarsa
I can do it too Kids of Indonesia. Tank you very much. I love you so.

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