"Moonbeam McSwine" in the Glow.

by Sobering Geoff

moonbeam mcswine in the glow seeking critique sobering geoff

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Published: Friday 13th of April 2007 04:13:10 AM


Dan Goldman
I dunno about bringing the shadows out. Im currently viewing this on a laptop LCD, which has a very high gama and is very bright. This photo is about just right on here, and i suspect a calibrated monitor would be right on the edge of loosing definition of the wings with the ground, especially under the fuse though. I would just like to have had the tents hidden by the right hand wing... easier said than done i realise. Great photo, i like the colors and the drama provided by the balloons. Coming to sun 'n fun?

Alex Kew
Great shot, I also think it's fine as it is.

Geoff Sobering
Mustang and Balloons This was a difficult shot because the burners on the balloons were run for only a few seconds at random times. In order to get more than one balloon lit up I had to expose for 30 seconds. Should I let the shadows block up a bit more for drama?

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