Fallen Children I - cover artwork from Paradise Lost single release "the Enemy"

by Siro Anton Seth

fallen children i cover artwork from paradise lo seeking critique siro anton seth

Gallery: Fallen Children

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Friday 13th of April 2007 02:13:26 AM


Hekate Hek
interesting and disturbing, great work with concept & textures!

Mark Starr
Very Cool Like all of your images in your portfolio, very very interesting, very creative and a refreshing change from what is normally displayed here (not that they are bad, but it is really quite nice to see such different and skillfully conceived and produced images such as yours!) Thanks for sharing them- Mark

Bianca Van Der Werf
Brrrrr, again a haunting piece of Art! I sound a bit like a broken record, but for me you are the greatest artist here on PN!! Every time I open your image a chill runs through my spine and I watch with my mouth open.... My God, I really want to look inside your mind one dag! Thanks for sharing again... Greetz.

Haleh Bryan
A lot of people try to use the shock and awe method in their photography but most in my opinion have no purpose. Yours on the other hand is always thought provoking and well thought of.

Alec Ee
Amazing composition.

Swarnendu Ghosh

Lizabeth Milly
so lovely little angel. he is so sad and sweet! I want to comfort him. how do you create such manips? I wish you could share some tips!

Fabio Keiner
excellent aussergew�hnlich

Seth Siro Anton
Fallen Children I thanks

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