My Good Friend, Kerry

by Chepikian Paul

my good friend kerry seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Wednesday 11th of April 2007 08:32:05 AM


Paul Chepikian
Hi Randy: Thanks for comment. It's always my pleasure to give my opinion to someone just starting out whenever I can. But keep in mind, it's just my opinion. You'll get many other opinions from many other artists. It's like buying a tie, give 50 people money to go out and buy a tie and 50 people will come back with 50 different ties. I tend to listen to those who like the same tie I do or like ties that I'm attracted to but would never have thought of buying. In other words, chances are we'll be attracted to things that are close to our own taste or things we'd like to try but haven't yet but aspire to. As far as this photo being soft, yes, it was intentional on my part in that I can make it very clear and sharp but didn't think it was appropriate for the subject matter. I've added some Photoshop filtering to it to give it a bit of a painterly look. As far as your question regarding the cameras: Sometimes, we are as good as our tools will allow us to be and sometime it's good that our tools limit us so that we push the tools to their limits and don't rely on them too much. It's a balancing act. It's like in carpentry, you can't build certain things without certain tools. When I was younger, I was always disappointed I couldn't take those wonderful wide open panoraminc vista saturated picutres with my 35 mm SLR until I found out they were shot with large format cameras on tripods and long exposures, etc. I had to shoot within the limitation of my equipment. Get the best you can within your limits, push it to its limits and grow from there. Just keep shooting.

Theo Keijzers
Great expression, and indeed a good head to picture. Maybe some pp work could make it even better, his skin looks too red on my monitor. Made some quick adjustments with curves, saturation and selective color in ps. What do you think?

Randy Martin
:) Good expression very different which different and art are almost everytime GOOD. He seems blurry or did you try "soften" the picture? or it could be my cruddy screen. I thankyou for the comment you have no idea how nice it is for someone experienced to tell you the job you did was good. Or maybe you do but I must remind you it means a lot to us young guys who feel like they are going nowhere and are just stuck with out cheap cameras and no way to get around to where you want to go. So thankyou so much for your opinion. Question, have you ever played around with the 10D? If so do you think it with the 350$ more on the 20D? anyways thanks

Paul Chepikian
Hi Theo: Thanks for the comment and the effort. My originals seem to end up so faded when I upload them to PhotoNet that I end up saturating them a bit before I upload them. I have to admit I did want this image a bit more saturated than the original and it probably ended up appearing much more red on your monitor. Keeping in mind none of our monitors will ever match, we really never know what some of our images look like on the other end. The image you were kind enough to make for me is very close to the originals I shot so at least we're on the same track in that regard. Bottom line? Thanks for taking the time and always good to hear from you. Doesn't Kerry have an amazing face?

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Great portrait of an interesting face, Paul. I like the saturated version, myself. I tend to want to saturate my color analog images. Maybe because I want them to look as much like chromes as possible. But, I think the story here is the expression on the man's face. Good work.

Paul Chepikian
My Good Friend, Kerry Ended up taking some Easter Dinner portraits of some friends. Starting to do much more indoor work. I've known Kerry over twenty years, always thought he had a great face. He's an amazing musician. Thanks for any thoughts...

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