Zt 69

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 9th of April 2007 03:06:14 PM


Alon Eshel
Once again this amazing tone and beautiful composition and location . Superb

Janusz Taras
Impressive Great Work .Perfect composition .Wonderful color & model pose.7/7.All the best .Janusz.

Alberto Quintal
John WOW!!! 7/7 Alberto

Marco Brivio
I would have liked to see her right hand

Stefan Burczymucha
;) It's not my type of photos, but I like it very much ...maybe this kind of colors.Bravo

Michael Meneklis
The green-blue tones are perfect, adding much to the mood of the composition. I also like the light and the bg. Finally the girl with this excellent light white skin, the beautiful look, face and eyes, force me to imagine that behind the camera is me and not you. Bravo John.

Jim Phelps
Blue Period John, You seem to have resurrected an old theme and added a blue mood. Very nice! Jim

Ghislain "Styles" Roy
Great shot, not much more to say other then the title should be "window with TWO views"

Massimo Santoni
I really like her look. Great work with lighting and colors!

Rakesh Syal
Great job, my friend, John!!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, The expression is excellent. Light and tonal effect as always special from you. great touch.

Eugene Cottrell
where do you keep finding these absolutely perfectly proportioned women??? wherever...great freakin' shot!

Christopher N
Great photo A very enticing photo. Excellent work.

Thomas Collins
This great John. Her expression, poise and the color treatment are perfect. Beautiful! :-)

C. Daunis
John, I walked by this place a few days ago...Kate is gone, unfortunately, but my memories, and these images, remain. This is such a great pose and facial expression.

A.K. Sircar
Very good composition,exposure and light,John.

Jim Phelps
John, I now understand why I like this image and Zs 501 so much, the flattening. Lee Friedlander should see both images!

Carlos H.
sweet eye candy

Alessandro Vasapolli
The best... Really, I've been looking for a picture like this for a long time: I think the pale color of the model's skin in contrast to the pretty cian/blu color of the lights really sets the mood in this picture. I also like the strong red lipstick fro it's contrast. The look of the model is just great, and the see-through shirt is intriguing. If I have to point out something I would say that I would have cloned out the red sign in the lower-left side of the window and the "david yurman" sign just besides the model's face. I would have also lowered the luminance of the window (with curves in PS) to bring it down, close to library's one. I guess this would have helped to set the model more apart from the rest of the room. Just one question: how did you made this blu light without making the model blu too?! Thanks a lot for sharing! Anyway this is just a great 7/7 for me! Congratulation! Alessandro Vasapolli

John Peri
Alessandro, thank you for a very interesting comment, I am both please and honoured. . Possibly the red sign would look better in the other window frame, but I certainly agree it interferes with the model .. I don't often spek of the models but this one has something magical that makes her photos stand out .. we planned often to meet again, but there is a huge ocean in between us .. who knows, one day maybe .. thanks for passing by.

John Peri
Window with a view .. .

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