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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 7th of April 2007 01:03:03 PM


Sweid Sideris
Yap, if I were in your place, I -like you- still being there waiting with my camera ready to shoot each stormy winter night, a spirit like this never should be left aside. BTW, perhaps one of your most beautiful photographies. Atmosphere and style. Great.

Alberto Quintal
John Exellent!!! Alberto

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Its a Gem. A piece of art. Excellent.

Trè³ belle composition et atmosphè²¥ !

Howard Dion
Outstanding Hi John, had to stop and rate this one. Great composition and use of light. Strong emotional impact. Well done. Regards, Howard

Antonio Da Cruz
So Cool Great setting and pose. Well done

Clive Gower-Collins
Feedback Hi John You seem to have acquired sufficient superlatives in the prior comments to keep anyone going for awhile! My only suggestion is that while I'm an acknowledged admirer, I admit to really enjoying the slightly 'earthier' feel of this shot; a number of shots in your portfolio are shot in an environment that seems well-heeled, I like this for the sheer sense of 'ordinaryness' (if that's such a word)in the surroundings - I'd love to see you explore the theme further. Lovely shot.

Ravi Gotrala
Opps ... the best shot .. I lvoe it ..

Thomas Collins
Well hello John! I am very impressed with your technique here. I can see you put a lot of work into this one. Truly superb. Two thumbs up!

Lee Jianmin
A classic pose and excellent piece of art. Best Regards :0))

Sweid Sideris
Such a creation! You're an excellent photographer, but you're so much better telling tales with just one image. Here you're doing it again. I can feel the cold of an ancient house at the english countryside, she is the ghost of an abandoned young woman. Decades ago her lover promised her that he will come back to take her and runaway to a very faraway exotical country where the sun brights every days, just to be toghether for ever and ever. An she waits for him forever an ever, and he never come back. At last, she jump from the bridge to the cold and troubled waters of the river and die, "because the frozen waters", doctor said, "because of love..." repeat in a whisper the old women of the small town beside the bridge. From this dark day her nude ghost wander every stormy nights the solitude of this old nest of love. Patiently she still waiting for the last night of passion with him. That's what I feel watching to this evocative image you've done with mastery.

Umair Ghani
stunning indeed! what i admire most is the light & color of surroundings that give an erotic impact 2 the flesh exposed. regards!

Allan Kirby
Marvellous John, The settings seem to alternate between NY and Paris - great variety. This one has much more manipulation and experimentation. The colour seperation works well as does the composition of both model and background.

Michael Meneklis
20/20 No comments in such a piece of art.Bravo John.

Mario Lopez
Stunning atmosphere,the pose,the expression of melancholy and the contrast between the tone of her skin and all the rest "blue" is fantastic,IMHO you done a good work!

Alon Eshel
Outstanding it is . It's not only the colors and editing but the location and angle of shooting as well . A perfect one

Brian Barker
Great monochromatic set! The model is beautiful! Very nice composition.

Richard Deng
This has got to be one of your best images. Tres bien!

AmirAli Sharifi
Im not really into nudes but this one is a real exception :) nice photo

Pansa Sunavee

Mr G.Q
Original Original the aesthetical presentation the model as always sensual dessert and very beautiful the laying and soft and female a your classical but with the great novelty on the modification of the color You are a great poet of the women for us a true daily dream compliments Gino

Alec Ee
Love the composition and blue mood here Peri.

John Peri
Well carlo, I think you found it because I looked up one evening and there she was, sitting there and looking at me. I reached out for my camera and just managed to take this short before she shriveled up into a shapeless fog and disappeared again. Every evening now at the same time, I move back to the same spot and wait, holding my camera in one hand. I can feel her moving around sometimes, but she has not appeared yet for the moment .... thanks for such a lovely story ... I'm so glad that she is able to evoke such feelings. So I'm not the only one ... :-)

Juan Carlos Rivera
Very nice use of colour. Perspective and composition are outstanding.

Anca Cernoschi
I simply love it!

N Alwin
This has a great 'mood' to it. I really like the colors and the way you captured her form.

Chaz Southard
intoxicating and dreamy! A gem.

John Peri
Thank you Jim. There is no such thing as stealing in art. All of us are influenced and inspired by previous work and undoubtedly yours has affected me too.

Jim Phelps
John, I really like what you have done here and I admit to having stolen the idea from you several months ago. Jim

Neil Peters
it seems I've been looking at this for a long time, it still inspires me. simple, hauntingly romantic, mysterious.

Devoid Atelier

The use of lines in the setting, the wall patterns, and doors all leading the eye toward the model and behind her, is a very nice compositional device here, and her curving form makes an interesting contrast to the geometric setting...the cool colors that surround the model seems to accentuate the subtle warm tonal contrasts in her body, interesting use of the nude.

John Peri
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