Zt 52

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 6th of April 2007 10:32:32 AM


Alberto Quintal
John Lovely, pose,colors, everything. Cheers. Alberto

John Peri
Ha ha ... thanks Glenwood. Maybe you didn't get the joke shared with Michael (see title of this posting) .. I posted these images to emulate the "plastic mannequin" that Michael Meneklis has been showing us over the last couple of months. His model is synthetic and looks real. My model is real and looks synthetic! ... in both the poses above, she is meant to ressemble the sterile images that one comes across in a shop window advertising clothes ... . glad she was so convincing .. lol. Thanks for the frank comments. I enjoy them.

Michael Meneklis
Dear John, thank you very much. I think you don't need my mannequin any more with a model like this. I wish to you, your family and your models a happy Easter.

Glenwood Sherry
Nope... John, What an interesting comparison with Zt 51; whereas in Zt 51 we had a sharp, intelligent woman that challanges you, here we have a wax model. The eyes are dead; the left hand looks like bad horror movie acting ("No! No! OhmyGod...!) And the 90 degree angle between the right thigh and the back looks like she has fallen, and can't get up. The skin tones are pleasent, but ordinary. I would kill to shoot a picture like this. But I'm a hack. Zt 51 shows what a great artist you are. With respect, Glenwood

John Peri
Michael, have you noticed that she looks pretty good too with a blond wig ...

A.K. Sircar
John, an original idea beautifully executed.:-)

Michael Meneklis
Your life's story... Go to http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5812584 to see the tips and hints of your life story. Fiendly Michael.

Tanya Truong
Micheal... Don't be just too generous on John alone. If you actually lend John yours, i have to be next. However in this case, i think John created one from his clever mind. Oh well, i don't mind to have both ;o). What an expressive model, OMG, she's fantastic. John! what have you hypnotized her with?!!! :o)

John Peri
Michael ? So you mean that you want to take her back ..... ?! A very Happy Easter to you also and to all our PN friends.

siapour nasiriziba
very very nice.

marco prenninger
de puta madre! man where do you always get those beautiful models? i mean i dont wanna reduce the photo down to a beautiful model, i mean the setting and lightning and all is great too, all together simply a beautiful photo, but from you its no surprise anyway....beautiful man!!!

John Peri
Marco, I will reply to this because I think there is often a misconception here. Out of about two hundred models that I have worked with, around five or six are professional and another five or six aspiring to become models. All the others are the everyday people that we all have around us and see every day. I think it's not just the young lady in question but how we see look at her that is important. Alike all of us, I meet people everywhere. I ask them to pose. Possibly others should do that more often too. Many thanks for passing by.

fatih Ak
black wig is better :) pretty model, good work!

John Peri
To Michael Meneklis With many thanks for lending me his mannequin for a few tests ..

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